Lil Nas X is low-key trolling all of us with his upcoming ‘Maury’ appearance

This is 'That’s What I Want' part deux.
November 12, 2021 1:44 p.m. EST
The Maury Povich Show The Maury Povich Show

“Montero, you ARE the father!” Well, at least that’s one possible outcome of an upcoming episode of The Maury Povich Show, scheduled for November 17th, in which rapper Lil Nas X is set to appear. You read that right; the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” singer isn’t there as a musical guest, he’s actually seeking Maury’s help with his ex-boyfriend Yai Ariza. But we suspect there juuuuuuuust might be some clever marketing involved in this jaw-dropping collab. Hear us out.

The episode, which is cleverly titled, “Leave Your Wife For Me... That's What I Want!", sees the Grammy-winning rapper seek Maury’s help to confront his ex-boyfriend Yai. Turns out, Yai is married to a woman with a kid! Montero then confronts the wife and classic Maury antics ensue.

“Me and Yai have been together for a month and a half," Lil Nas X tells the wife. 

"You're a liar!" she shoots back. Hands are raised, bouquets of flowers are thrown about, and Lil Nas even does the classic Maury run-backstage-in-a-flood-of-tears dance.

We see glimpses of an engagement ring and a proposal, and also the famous DNA paternity test to determine the real father. Can we just take a moment to thank Maury for not going off the air? This is classic throwback '90s trash talk show TV and we are HERE FOR IT.

Here’s where the “Old Town Road” rapper’s appearance doesn’t pass the sniff test. In the TV listings for the upcoming episode, it describes LNX and Yai as “football teammates.” 

During the teaser trailer, Lil Nas X’s latest single, “That’s What I Want” plays in the background, and both Yai and the wife appeared in that video in their corresponding roles. If you remember more details of that music video, Lil Nas plays a football player who has an affair with his teammate, and shows up at his door, only to find him married. So . . .

We’d say it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is a clever promo that follows the narrative of his music video, but we’d also say it definitely takes a genius to come up with this scheme. This is brilliant! And Twitter definitely agrees. 

"This might be your baby Maury," Lil Nas X quips at one point during the paternity test, but if there’s one thing we know about Montero, he definitely knows how to birth gossip. NGL, we are def tuning into this episode.

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