Lil Nas X responds to critics after posting that pregnancy announcement photo

Introducing 'Littler Nas X!' Or even, 'Lil Nas XS…'
September 3, 2021 11:25 a.m. EST
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Artist Lil Nas X is in a delicate condition. His album Montero is about to drop on September 17th, and he can no longer contain his excitement over the impending birth of his little bundle of musical joy. That’s why on Thursday, September 2nd, he posted to his social media, announcing that he is expecting.

Album-expecting, that is. He even posed for a series of tongue-in-cheek baby bump photos.

Cradling his extended belly, with a floral wreath atop his head, and a white robe draped over his shoulders, LNX was positively glowing. But some people didn’t find it so funny.

Responding to the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” singer on both Instagram and Twitter, some none-too-amused fans took potshots at him. But if there’s one thing we know about LNX, he will always clap back.

When one Twitter user tweeted, “I really tired of lil nas .. his ugly ass to much ... fkn roach,” LNX quote-tweeted the hater, responding satirically, “you really on here calling a young mother to be ugly?”

When another user inexplicably called  his “antics” “crap,” asserted that “White, Asian, Hispanic or Arab” musicians wouldn’t do what he does, and said that Black people should make an example out of him (we know, that’s a lot of nonsense to digest), LNX clapped back, “one day y’all will learn i am not a representation of anyone but lil nas x.”

LNX then tweeted a series of funny jabs like “n****s be like ‘you desperate for attention’ then proceed to give it to me,” before retweeting a bunch of funny replies from his fans, coming to his defense and pointing out the hypocrisy in much of the critique.

In one retweet, a fan pointed out that all these haters mad that a Black man posed with a baby bump are forgetting that they made an entire movie out of this concept in 1994 – Junior starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Thompson, and Danny Devito. 

Of course, Montero had to retweet when Maury Povich got in on the conversation.

Eventually, Lil Nas X decided to hop off social media because the “negative energy is not good for the baby,” but we love how he stirred the pot just enough to make the trolls mad.

One Twitter user even seemingly called out the media reporting on LNX, writing, “Y’all don’t get tired of writing think pieces every time Lil Nas X breathes?” We feel personally attacked!

Montero drops September 17th and features collabs with Miley Cyrus, Megan Thee Stallion, Elton John, Doja Cat, and more. 

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