The 'Roast of Brooke Lynn Hytes' has the CDR queens cooking up a hilarious (and cringy) American Thanksgiving feast

Some hit that delicate funny-mean balance and others... definitely didn't.
October 15, 2021 11:10 a.m. EST
November 26, 2021 11:53 a.m. EST
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Winter is coming and the days are going to get shorter and colder, but no one is about to tell our new favourite queens to cover up (meet them all here).

Canada’s Drag Race (Thursday, 9e/6p on Crave) is back for Season 2 and that means it’s time to see the best drag superstars in the country battle it out on the runway and the werkroom for the grand prize of $100,000 and the title of Canada’s Next Drag Superstar. Thankfully, our money is colouful and so are the looks.

P.S. If you're already looking forward to Season 3, casting is open now! If you want to be Canada’s Next Drag Superstar, you can apply here.


Episode 7 - "The Roast of Brooke Lynn Hytes"

We are devastatingly down one Synthia Kiss, which means things are getting real and ruthless, and we are officially beginning to say goodbye to our faves. Time to tighten up. 

The Challenges: 

This week's mini challenge was an improv one, and while it had everyone play in pairs, the judgment was brutally directed to the individual. Led by judge Brad Goreski, it had the queens "guesting" on his spoof Fashion Puh-leeze! show. After being in the bottom two last week, Kendall Gender climbed right back up with her self-directed digs and picked up a win.

Cut to the week's maxi challenge: a roast in (dis)honour of Brooke Lynn Hytes herself. All were mentored by Brad and comedian Emma Hunter (of The Beaverton). Kendall chose performance order thanks to her win, which meant she opted for first—as any drama queen would.

Kendall had her joke-writing down, as did Kimora, with both getting laughs from Brad and Emma. But when it was bad, it was rough, with Adriana, Icesis, and Gia leaving a lot to be desired—and that means not a single funny joke was made.

At performance time, it was clear Kendall made the correct choice going first—she had the judges and audience cackling from beginning to end, calling out Emma for being unrecognizable, Amanda for being a poor man's version of Wendy Williams, and, of course, Brooke Lynn for being a basic queen since she doesn't do her own make-up. Wow.

A tough act to follow, to be sure, so it was a full-on disaster when Adriana rolled in, stumbling over her words and wearing her nerves on her sleeve. Gia opted for maybe one too many tasteless dick jokes with a Brooke Lynn roast that was really just mean and not at all funny (it's a fine line!). Let's just say the cringe had truly set in by this time.

Pythia was straight-up awkward and left the audience dead silent, while Icesis brought it right back up, roasting her fellow queens like it's her day job, using facial expressions as punchlines and also reminding us we don't all know who Emma is, oops. Sadly, Icesis spent far too much time roasting everyone but Brooke Lynn. Kimora followed, labelling Kendall "Drake in drag" and Amanda "Stacey McKenzie," but she had a bit of a misstep when it came to skewering Brooke Lynn—again, where was the funny?

Dancing (Away) Queen:

With so many of the queens tripping up on the comedy challenge, the winners and losers were painfully clear, with Gia and Kimora (who killed it in rehearsal, but fell apart by performance time) in the bottom two. Icesis and Kendall won rave reviews, and the latter won the challenge—let's be real, no one else came close. How far we've come in a single week!

It was also a goodbye to Kimora, who fumbled her way through the lip sync with Gia, making for a truly disappointing final moment, particularly after hitting such a high note in the last few weeks. As someone who used her platform to make a hard-hitting statement about the history of systemic racism during her time—like other queens of colour before her—this is a loss for Canada's Drag Race. We'll miss you, queen.

May-jah Moment: 

Was that the most bizarre lip sync we've seen this season? Seemingly having already given up, Kimora had a habit of following Gia around on the stage during the lip sync, making for an even cringier episode, if possible. As Amanda noted, "That was weird as sh*t."

What We're Obsessed With:

Did this week's lip sync really go along to B44? And their infamous song "Get Down"? Excuse us? (For the record: this is very much approved – that is a Y2K classic.)

Episode 6 - "The Sinner's Ball"

If you can't design for your life, you're not about to win Canada's Drag Race, which had many of the queens appropriately panicked this week, leading to tons of disagreement between the judges, including this week's special guest Gigi Gorgeous. It's getting intense.

The Challenges

This week's episode opened with a big ole, three-tiered challenge: the Sinner's Ball, which had the queens competing in three categories, including Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll, Ugly As Sin and Seven Deadly Sins.

After winning the mini-challenge—which had the queens pulling a Picasso and doing their best unhinged artwork—Icesis Couture got to pick which deadly sin would be portrayed by which queen. Here was the breakdown: Icesis chose wrath for herself, greed for Synthia Kiss, sloth for Gia Metric, pride for Kendall Gender, lust for Adriana, envy for Kimora Amour and gluttony for Pythia.

The runway, naturally, became a spectrum of colour and chaos. Nearly everyone knocked it out in the Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll category, but from there, things got competitive. Pythia, as usual, terrified with her ugly (and that's a good thing); Kendall's ugly, meanwhile, was kind of confusing (did she eat the cat on her shoulder or did she groom her?) but her shoutout to Black Lives Matter was beloved.

Gia had the judges begging for a new silhouette, though her ugly gum-covered look was beautifully tacky. Adriana was an absolute standout with her cute and hilarious ugly look that resembled a particular kind of genitalia, though her look of lust came off a little lazy. Icesis oozed high fashion from look to look (especially in her final Hellraiser fit). Synthia oddly came out looking the most beautiful she ever has for her ugly look (she really can pull off every wig).

Kimora won raves for her powerful and compelling ugly look, which saw her dressed as a slave breaking her cuffs and running to freedom. It was a dramatic, bold and strong message on slavery, systemic racism and oppression, and had Twitter impressed.

Dancing (Away) Queen:

Icesis was the ultimate winner, even though it was tough for her to express joy with that Hellraiser gag. A moment! Though it did feel like a loss for Kimora, who should've come out on top this time.

After sadly disappointing with all three of her looks, Synthia found herself in the bottom alongside Kendall, who just didn't impress—and hasn't in a while. After lip-syncing to DJ Sammy's "Heaven", in an unfortunate turn of events, Kendall came through (nip slip and all) and Synthia sashayed away. Devastating.

May-jah Moment:

Can we take a moment to address the absolute work Icesis Couture puts in week in and week out? This is what stands out when we're talking designs.

What We’re Obsessed With:

There has been nothing like Kimora's ugly runway look all season, it left everyone inspired (and Gigi literally open-mouthed). It was the rare time tears on the runway weren't the worst thing, and it was thrilling to see Kimora evolve and show what she's all about: standing for a cause.

Synthia Kiss's Take:

[video_embed id='2326701']CDR: Synthia[/video_embed]

Episode 5 - "Hey Flop"

We are out one Suki Doll, amping up the pressure and, obvi, the antics. With another classic challenge this week, it seems the queens are feeling the heat – even our favourites!

The Challenges 

This week's episode kicked off with a very educational mini challenge, with the queens pairing up to play sex educators who've got a thing or two to teach judge Traci Melchor. Let's just say, it involved plenty of bananas and lube. There hasn't been an easier win this season, with Gia Metric actually dressed as a banana and her partner Synthia Kiss somehow managing to squeeze a condom over her tip. Much was learned; much was understood.

As for this week's maxi challenge, the queens split into two teams, a.k.a. two country girl groups, reigniting a classic Drag Race tradition. The mini challenge winners picked their teams, giving us the Dosey Hoes: Synthia Kiss, Eve 6000, Kendall Gender, and Kimora Amour; and the Giddy Girls: Gia Metric, Adriana, Icesis Couture and Pythia. For the record, Adriana was picked last and was a little sour about it, but it's always good for the queens to know where they stand; a reality check never hurts–sorry!

Both groups had the honour of recording with a Canadian legend and this week's guest judge: Bif Naked. Kendall and Adriana seriously struggled to keep the rhythm and, yet again, Synthia proved she's got A Voice. Icesis showed it out with a little rap verse; who knew she had it in her? 

With no choreographer, each group had to put together their own moves, which had the Dosey Hoes' Eve and Kimora falling behind and fumbling, while the Giddy Girls' Gia seemed to be the only one in the group with any ideas. But let's cut to the performances. The Giddy Girls absolutely killed it, each lyric a hilarious slap in the face, each queen having their moment to flex their vocals and their moves. The Dosey Hoes paled in comparison in just about every way, lacking the oomph with their basic choreography. Needless to say, Giddy stomped all over Dosey and won the challenge.

Dancing (Away) Queen

So who came out on top this week? Gia Metric, naturally, having handily mastered that performance and, later, serving a killer robotic runway look. With the Dosey Hoes holding the loss, team captain Synthia was shockingly in the bottom (partly due to a futuristic pop princess runway look that just didn't deliver and partly for managing a group with too many cooks in the kitchen), alongside Eve (which was less shocking).

After a lip sync that had Synthia working it and Eve barely working, it was hardly surprising that Eve 6000 had to sashay away. 

May-jah Moment

Listen, Gia Metric absolutely conquered this week's maxi challenge, was a pleasure to watch, and fully deserving of her win. But must we be treated to an Oscar-ish speech each time she does? At least this time Brooke Lynn Hytes called it out!

What We're Obsessed With:

Bif Naked, Bif Naked, Bif Naked. What a surprise to have this beloved Canadian artist show up as the very special guest judge this week and remind us how much she ruled once upon a time. If Twitter had anything to say about it, she's clearly the most popular yet this season, with the queens lip synching to "I Love Myself Today" (a hit that still hits), making for a truly satisfying moment.

Eve 6000's Take:

[video_embed id='2316453']CDR: Eve 6000[/video_embed]

Episode 4 - "The Snatch Game"

With Stephanie Prince gone, you'd think the queens would step it up, but the talent was a little spotty and all over the place. Which is a shame for one of Drag Race's most iconic challenges. But hey, it's better to weed out the weakest links sooner than later. 

The Challenges:

This week's episode started off with a classic reading challenge, which was won by Icesis Couture – it's always the quiet ones. After shading each other, the queens dove right into the Maxi Challenge: Snatch Game! A classic Drag Race challenge where each queen impersonates a celebrity of their choice is significant because, if they nail it, the impersonation can become a calling card throughout their entire drag career.

Here was the stellar line-up: Icesis Couture went for trans icon La Veneno, Pythia went for Grimes, Adriana chose Sofia Vergara (she certainly has the accent down), Suki Doll chose Yoko Ono (and nailed the howling), Kimora Amour chose Leslie Jones, Gia Metric went for Jim Carrey (after considering Anna Faris and her breathy tendencies, we would've loved to see it!), Kendall Gender kept it in the family with Kris Jenner, Synthia Kiss chose Rachel Zoe and, finally, Eve 6000 went for Bernie Sanders (after considering Jennifer Coolidge and, again, what a loss).

There's no denying Gia Metric absolutely killed it as Jim Carrey, who demands joke after joke, and at one point bounced out of her seat to hop across the stage and reign as Ace Ventura. Synthia's Rachel Zoe was too fun, and with Brad Goreski – her former assistant – just sitting there and watching? Delicious. Icesis' La Veneno definitely had the drawl and sass down, while Pythia's Grimes was the only dial-up version of anything we'll ever love. Meanwhile, Suki's Yoko was, um, wanting, as was Adriana's Sofia Vergara, as she relied on a few basic boob jokes. Eve's Bernie Sanders felt more like a lifeless costume than anything else with little in the way of fun.

Once it came to the runway, each queen tackled an iconic Canadian: Kimora chose Deborah Cox, Suki Doll and Icesis Couture chose Sandra Oh (though the latter really only borrowed the doctor's uniform), Adriana did Vanessa Morgan, Gia Metric chose Mike Myers, Kendall Gender did Stacey McKenzie, Eve chose Carrie-Anne Moss, Pythia chose Catherine O'Hara, and Synthia chose Jeanne Beker.

Dancing (Away) Queen:

Tops for this week started with Kimora Amour, who finally stepped out of the shadows to make a mark on the runway in a show-stopping Deborah Cox-inspired yellow ensemble. Then there was Synthia, who nailed Rachel Zoe (and even gave Brad chills, though maybe for another reason) and fashion icon Jeanne Beker. Pythia also got a mention for being downright hilarious. But where was Gia Metric in the line-up?

On the bottom were Adriana, Suki, and Eve, all of whom were sorely and seriously lacking when it came to their impersonations, so no surprise there.

The winner, as it should be, was Synthia Kiss and her robotic Zoe voice – Brad is shaking. And that left Suki and Eve to lip sync for their lives, with Adriana just nearly making it to safety. As for the lip sync? Again, wanting. Somehow, though, Eve managed to save herself, sadly sending Suki home. We'll miss you, Yoko.

May-jah Moment:

Yet again, Eve dragged her way through this episode moaning and groaning, and to see her making it another week with Suki Doll headed home is tough. Especially with her pessimism next to Suki's endless positivity. 

What We're Obsessed With:

Listen, Sandra Oh is about as iconic as Canadians get. Truly, she is what we call a national treasure. With two queens showing her off on the runway on Thursday night, it was a shame to see Icesis Couture really only use this as an opportunity to sport some elegant, sexy scrubs. She did look spectacular, but Suki nailed this one. Oh, and to name herself "Grey's Anatomy." Hilarious, but um, paging Cristina Yang?

Suki Doll's Take: 

[video_embed id='2316453']CDR Exit Interview: Suki Doll’s Take [/video_embed]

Episode 3 - "Screech"

With Océane out and the room quieter than ever, the pressure is rising, but it looks like some queens are getting lost in the sauce and overthinking their every look, move and sashay. That can only spell trouble and, this week, leads to a surprising exit.

The Challenges:

For this week's Maxi Challenge, lovely actor Amanda Brugel (The Handmaid's Tale) tasks the queens with another show: playing out a slasher film, called Screech, in which drag queens are being targeted and have got to run and scream for their lives.

Fefe Dobson—"the original Rihanna," as one queen says—arrives as a judge, and she and Brugel have the queens perform their first scene. It is... rough. Pythia lacks enunciation (and confidence), while Stephanie has it dialed way up, and Suki Doll is told to tick up the horniness—always useful direction. As Amanda points out, "The camera is your best friend, f**k her."  

From there, Synthia gets a little too in-her-head and keeps forgetting her lines, while Eve 6000 isn't totally terrible! In conclusion, they should all be worried— minus, oddly, the eliminated queen.

Later in the show, Eve 6000 shows some skill as the narrator (and stuns on the runway, with the booty of the week); Gia Metric is hilarious as a blonde bimbo (a.k.a. the first girl to bite it);  and Adriana—who plays a zombie Brad Goreski-meets-Count Chocula—impresses, particularly with her Marie Antoinette look that has her head offering up dessert. She wins this challenge, and rightly so. (Also, can we get a taste of the cake by her right cheek?) 

On the bottom, Stephanie doesn't manage to tone it down in time and her look remains one-note. Synthia also loses herself in her role and never manages to get out of her head, while Kendall also stays way too toned-down (and purposely doesn't bother to memorize her lines, which is A Choice). 

Dancing (Away) Queen:

Although Synthia impressed last week, not so much this week. She lip syncs for her life to Fefe's "Ghost" against Stephanie who, let's face it, deserved to do so. While the competition is pretty close, Stephanie tries a little too hard and doesn't stick the landing. Unfortunately, she's shown the door. Honestly, the writing was on the wall all night.

May-jah Moment:

Can someone let Gia Metric know there's no room for Oscar acceptance speeches when there are no Oscars around and she hasn't, um, won anything? Yet again, after simply being called "safe," she offered a diatribe about how grateful she is and her acting methods. We get it, queen, you ask questions.

What We're Obsessed With:

It's been a while since we got to spend time with Fefe Dobson, a true Canadian legend for Millennials, and when she burst into tears at the elimination (with not a smidge of that brutal black eyeshadow moving) and honoured the queens for having the bravery to hit the stage? That's love.

Stephanie's Take:

[video_embed id='2311494']CDR: Stephanie exit interview[/video_embed]

Episode 2 - "Under the Big Top"

The best of the queens are certainly making themselves known with Thursday night's episode bringing out the clowns in a Rusical. The queens were ready to play and amp it up after seeing Beth head home last week as the first eliminated queen. And it's about time.

The Challenges:

Etalk senior correspondent and former Canada's Drag Race squirrel-friend-turned-judge Traci Melchor tasked the queens with putting on the "Queen of My Neighbourhood Pageant," which sees each of them strut their stuff in looks that represent their hometowns. The sweet and boisterous as hell Océane Aqua-Black triumphantly wins the challenge after last week's weak knee moment with her poutine-drenched catwalk of shame (she hales from Quebec City, natch) and scores $5000 for a queer safe space in her neighbourhood.

Next up came a rousing Rusical based on the 1938 film Under the Big Top as this week's Maxi Challenge – and it was packed full with clownery, quite literally. It really put the queens through the ringer, from fighting for roles to vocal coaching to choreography lessons. Turns out Synthia Kiss has got a voice.

The standouts stood far apart from the, shall we say, weakest links, and had the judges making a few quick decisions, with the tops including Gia Metric, Kendall Gender, and Pythia, all of whom ruled the stage and the runway, and the bottoms including Eve 6000, Icesis Couture, Océane Aqua-Black, and Suki Doll. Looks like a lot of queens thought they had their singing and dancing skills on lock but were … mistaken. It's Pythia, though, who stole the show, with a Pennywise-esque performance that saw her showing up the actual dancers and scaring the competition away, while her two-headed runway look might have been one of the best of the series so far.

Dancing (Away) Queen:

Despite winning last week's challenge and knowing how to put an outfit together, Icesis Couture disappears during the show, begging the question: is she just a look queen? And while Océane won the pageant, she fumbled her way through the Rusical and felt like more a of a clown than a queen. All of this led the two to lip sync for their lives to Girlicious's "Stupid Sh*t," and phew, there was no competition. Sorry to say, Océane just didn't have enough oomf to battle with her sisters. We'll miss that cackling energy.

Oceane's Take:

[video_embed id='2306858']Oceane Aqau-Black reacts to CDR elimination[/video_embed]

May-jah Moment:

After moaning and weeping her way through other queens' moments last week, Eve 6000 made a show yet again this week with some truly outrageous "singing" that sounded a lot more like stuttering and left everything to be desired. Someone check that ego before it gets shown out the door.

What We're Obsessed With:

Let's jump back to Pythia, who ruled this episode in a way that screams "ultimate queen" (and it's still early days!). From that chilling gingered-up performance to the two-faced strut, we've got one to watch here.

Episode 1 - "Lost and Fierce"

Let’s dive into the Season 2 premiere of Canada’s Drag Race like it’s a pit full of foam blocks.

The Challenges:

Photographer Caitlyn Cronenberg, best known for shooting Drake’s iconic Views album cover of the CN Tower, gave every queen a chance to show off their own death-defying view in the mini Dant-Gays Inferno challenge. The girls were tasked with taking a flying leap at the crown and while some soared, others felt to their knees and buckled under the pressure. Océane Aqua-Black may never dip again. 

Suki Doll literally rose to the challenge and werked for the camera and her first place finish meant she got an extra 30 seconds for the Haute Check Couture Maxi Challenge, which tasked the contestants with rummaging through the lost and found racks of a coat check room to find inspiration for their looks.

Stephanie Prince stunned with her flyer-inspired flapper gown and Suki Doll once again scored top points for her emerald grown that threatened to trip her up on the runway. But it was Icesis Couture who lived up to her name and delivered a Haute Check Couture look that was just the ticket she needed to win the Maxi Challenge. 

Dancing (Away) Queen: 

Gia Metric did not understand the assignment and Beth lacked the confidence she needed to feel like her Beth self, which left both queens Lip Syncing For Their Lives. Gia served legs, legs and a side of legs, showing off her incredible dancing skills. After the judges clocked Beth for her lack of stage presence, she served a fierceness viewers had yet to see in the episode and delivered a performance that proved she wasn’t ready to be man-eaten by Gia. Unfortunately, it still feel short. Someone had to be the first to go home and on Thursday night, it was Beth.

Beth's Take:

[video_embed id='2302300']Beth reacts to CDR elimination[/video_embed]

May-jah Moment:

Eve 6000 narrowly escaped possible elimination and being forced to Lip Sync for Her Life, but no one told her face. Staying on trend with the old Hollywood glam theme, Eve took home the Oscar for Best Dramatic Actress with her tearful walk down the runway. Bonus points for keeping things meme-able with a J Law-esque fall off the stage on the way to accept her imaginary statue. 

What We’re Obsessed With:

Stephanie Prince had no shortage of scene-stealing moments throughout the night. Not only did she stun the judges with her poster-inspired dress, but she paid homage to her Filipino roots by honouring the Jollibee mascot. Now that’s how you make a first impression.

Watch new episodes of Canada’s Drag Race every Thursday at 9E/6P on Crave and catch up on past episodes anytime on Crave.

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