Meet the fabulous cast of ‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Season 2

Let’s WERK, ladies!
September 14, 2021 1:59 p.m. EST
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Get ready to shantay all the way to your couch; Canada’s Drag Race has returned to Crave for its second season, after winning a whopping five Canadian Screen Awards for its first season (stream all of season 1 here). This time around, the competition isn’t just hot . . . it is FIERCE.

Ahead of the premiere, CDR revealed the 12 lucky drag queens competing for the top prize of $100,000 and the eternal love of Canadians across the country. Hold on to your glittery, plunging boustiers and limousine-length false lashes, because not only are these queens ready to slay, they also represent a unique and diverse cross-section of Canada. It’s truly Canada’s Drag Race!

The hopefuls will be joined by four iconic judges - #QueenoftheNorth Brooke Lynn Hytes, actor and Season 1 guest host Amanda Brugel, TV personality and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski; and Etalk Senior Correspondent and Canada’s Squirrel Friend from Season 1, Traci Melchor. Every week, the judges will welcome a celebrity guest judge.

If ever there was a reason to holler “yaaaaas Queen,” this would be it. Meet your competitors below and keep up on all the latest drama with our weekly CDR recap blog

Océane Aqua-Black

[video_embed id='2308988'] Meet Océane Aqua-Black | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Meet Océane Aqua-Black from Quebec City, who is not only an accomplished drag queen and host, but has been crowned Best Lip-Syncer of the Year in Québec City, and prides herself on being able to lip-sync in English, French, Spanish, German, and Korean. You read that right!

“I think drag queens give an important voice to the LGBTQ+ community because we represent their superheroes,” she says.

Kendall Gender 

[video_embed id='2309068'] Meet Kendall Gender | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Then there’s Kendall Gender (this moniker is giving us life) from Vancouver who, as a biracial artist, started the show "Visible" which is designed as a platform to raise money and awareness for visible minorities. In 2020 alone, she raised more than $25,000 for various Canadian charities.

“I have faced many adversities in my life and I truly feel like they have all led me to this moment,” she says.

Kimora Amour

[video_embed id='2309061'] Meet Kimora Amour | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

While drag is Kimora Amour’s passion, by day she is a neuropathic, pain management procedural nurse, and has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s not just a legend but a hero!

“I'm so happy to represent the Black/Caribbean/South American communities,” she says.


[video_embed id='2309067'] Meet Beth | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Then there’s Beth from Vancouver, a proud Métis queen who discovered more about their Indigenous side while attending middle school. We also love that it’s just “Beth.” If they ever want to make their name flashy, might we suggest Beth From Above 1979, or MegaBeth, or Beth and Taxes.

“Drag is for any human, or even non-human, who wants to say F#%& YOU to gender stereotypes,” they say.

Suki Doll

[video_embed id='2308986'] Meet Suki Doll | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Suki Doll from Montreal (hey that rhymes!), wants to embody the heightened emblem of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community for representation in arts and culture.

She says, “C’est moi…Suki Doll, excruciatingly delicious and opulent! Mouahhh!”


[video_embed id='2309069'] Meet Adriana | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Adriana immigrated to Québec City from Colombia to join her mother at the age of 16, not knowing how to speak English or French, and has since become a star in many Québec City fetish events, and is a three-time winner of Québec’s Drag Artist of the Year.

“All my life I struggled to find something I was good at. Many times I thought I had no talent and no confidence to become the star that I have always wanted to be. Drag let me see how amazing I really am,” she says.

Eve 6000

[video_embed id='2309070'] Meet Eve 6000 | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Eve 6000 from Toronto is a trans, non-binary queen who uses she/they pronouns, and currently holds the title of Miss Angel City Continental Plus 2021.

“As a trans non-binary artist, drag is all about expressing the femininity that I wasn’t allowed to express growing up,” they say.

Icesis Couture

[video_embed id='2309073'] Meet Icesis Couture | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Icesis Couture is one of the top queens in Ottawa and won Miss Capital Pride 2020, boasts El Salvadorian roots and is half Hispanic.

“Drag has shown me that it is okay to be different, it’s okay to have a voice, it’s okay to just be me,” she says.

Stephanie Prince 

[video_embed id='2308990'] Meet Stephanie Prince | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Originally from the Philippines, Stephanie Prince represents Calgary and is a self-proclaimed singing assassin and rapstress; she feels sorry for any girl who has to lip-sync against her.

“The only part of the competition I’m worried about is how jealous the other girls will be of my beauty!” she says.


[video_embed id='2309032'] Meet Pythia | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Pythia, who grew up in Greece and moved to Montreal at age 14, once posted an impersonation of Miley Cyrus online, which Miley loved so much that she sent her a DM and reposted the video! Pretty sure Pythia can die happy now.

“I am not a “female impersonator,” I am the image of my imagination, a storyteller and a fantasy made into reality,” Pythia says.

Gia Metric 

[video_embed id='2309074'] Meet Gia Metric | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Gia Metric won crowns as Vancouver’s Entertainer of the Year in 2016, and Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar in 2018; she also walked in New York Fashion Week in 2019!

“I’ve been performing in my bedroom ever since I can remember, and now I get to perform in front of the world. I still can’t believe I’m a drag race girl!” she says.

Synthia Kiss

[video_embed id='2308989'] Meet Synthia Kiss | Canada's Drag Race Season 2 [/video_embed]

Synthia Kiss from Vancouver has a degree in Fashion Design, and has worked on the design teams for Kit and Ace and MEC.

“Synthia Kiss is an homage to all the powerful, talented, and funny women in my life – it’s a complete honour to walk a mile in their high heels, I’ll give them back soon, I swear!”

Here’s everything you need to know about how and when to watch the show, which will air every Thursday at 9PM EST starting October 14th and run for 10 episodes.

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