Everything Anya Taylor-Joy has worn to talk about ‘Last Night in Soho’

The colour blocking! The gowns! The gloves!
October 26, 2021 9:51 a.m. EST
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If we thought the frocks Anya Taylor-Joy wore in her upcoming 1960s-set horror flick, Last Night in Soho, were a mood, they’re nothing compared to the 'fits she’s selected for her recent press tour promoting the film.

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Don’t get us wrong—The Queen’s Gambit star has always turned heads with her fashionable choices. But somehow, the vibes she’s been giving off in the weeks leading up to Last Night in Soho’s October 29 debut have been downright goals. And they’re bringing us a whole lot of… well, joy.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

First, there’s the pink duo of dresses she wore to the film’s world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival last month. Her arrival photo-call outfit was a feminine silk slip dress from Rodarte, complete with a draped rose robe and of course, a rose pinned to the front. 

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Then there’s the self-proclaimed Princess Peach look that Taylor-Joy sported for the film’s premiere event, which was actually a Dior Haute Couture pink satin silk dress (very fitting since she's been cast as Princess Peach in a new Mario movie). She and stylist Law Roach paired it with a matching Dior beret and shoes, leading to lots of online swooning. It should be noted that Law Roach is also Zendaya's stylist so it's clear his misses are few and far between.

Welp, there it is -- looks like Law Roach is really the secret here. Shout out to a legend and the unstoppable ladies who work with him.  

Even the ruffled orange mini-dress and matching sandals combo that Taylor-Joy wore in between events at Venice was eye-catching, to say the least.

Orange is definitely one of her power colours, which Taylor-Joy proved again recently while visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote the film. In a pre-taped appearance for the episode airing October 26, she slipped into an orange party dress with a fitted bodice and a flared, ruffled skirt. 

The iconic moments don’t stop there though. The 25-year-old has also been hitting up some of the late night shows to promote the film. On Monday night (in a pre-taped interview), she stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden in another floral number. This time, she invoked hues of green and blue with her halter-style jumpsuit, complete with a headband and matching full-length gloves. And can we talk about those boots?

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Then there’s this two-piece purple number that Taylor-Joy wore to do regular old press for Last Night in Soho, which one fan online referred to as “Twiggy 70s beauty,” and many others dubbed “Daphne” because, of course, she’s evoking some Scooby Doo vibes (in the best possible way.)

Our favourite outfit of all though may be the one Taylor-Joy wore to the Los Angeles premiere of Last Night in Soho on October 25. The metallic gold, pleated dress from Dior’s autumn/winter 2021 Couture collection had a plunging neckline and featured pretty chevron detailing on the amazing skirt. Once again, the internet went wild for it.

Look, Taylor-Joy has always impressed with her killer red carpet looks, so the fact that she’s bringing it to promote her latest film is no real surprise. It’s also not shocking that Dior has officially named the actor as the company’s new global ambassador for fashion and makeup. 

Chalk it up to another accolade for the talented star, whom the Council of Fashion Designers of America also recently named as their inaugural Face of the Year Award winner. And let’s not forget the Vogue covers, Tiffany ads, and all of the other amazing fashion-forward things she’s been doing lately.

Hands up if you also can’t wait to see what she wears next. 

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