Zendaya is the youngest ever CFDA Fashion Icon Award recipient

She definitely understood the assignment.
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We called it! Back in June, we called Euphoria and Dune star Zendaya a “fashion icon,” and it looks like some of the powers that be were listening to us, because it has just been announced that the Council of Fashion Designers of America has decided to award her their coveted Fashion Icon Award.

The award, which in previous years has been bestowed upon Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé, David Bowie, and Rihanna, will be awarded on November 10th to recognize her incredible fashion statements over the past year. Plus, considering that Zendaya like *just* turned 25, she is the youngest ever recipient. Previously, Lady Gaga held that title when she was awarded the honour back in 2011.

Zendaya isn’t alone; actress Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit) will also be in the receiving line to accept the first-ever Face of the Year Award.

The former Disney star is no stranger to the fashion world or its accolades. Last year, she won the 2020 Visionary Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, where she said, “Throughout my career I have had the privilege of being able to showcase other different types of beauties. Through the work that I get to do, creating more positions of power, more creative positions and I hope to continue to be able to do that, until this industry really does reflect the beauty that I see every day."

We definitely see the “different types of beauties” she has honoured over the past year, just by taking a look at some of her red carpet choices. Who could forget her homage and ode to Beyoncé at the BET Awards by wearing a gown that harkens back to the 2003 video “Crazy In Love?”

Or how about the time she wore a Valentino glow-in-the-dark dress to the Academy Awards?

And let’s not pretend her 2019 Met Gala appearance as Cinderella wasn’t everything we were hoping for from a former Disney star.

Recently, during her global press junkets in support of Dune, she has worn a cornucopia of stunning numbers, ranging in mood from draw-dropping flawless to low-key adorable.

While in London for the premiere of Dune, the Emmy winner wore all these looks in just ONE DAY.

She has also recently graced the covers of British Vogue, and In Style’s Best Dressed edition.

Naturally, Z-stans are gushing with praise for her well-deserved accolade.

Finally, just look at her here for her InStyle shoot.

When it comes to being a fashion icon, Z definitely understood the assignment. The CFDA Awards will take place on November 10th

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