Watch BTS and 'Papa Mochi' James Corden crash a dancercize class on 'Carpool Karaoke'

'I love emojis!'
February 26, 2020 9:18 a.m. EST

The last time K-pop superstars BTS were hanging with James Corden and The Late Late Show, they were playing hide and seek in the studio with Ashton Kutcher and were quite good at evading capture (you gotta be when you're that popular). Now they’re back for what we've really been waiting for: a supersized installment of "Carpool Karaoke."

We love to see those boys jamming out to their biggest hits, but James had something else up his sleeve for this special edition—namely, inserting himself into the most sought-after pop group in the world.

When JM wondered what James' plan of action would be if he had an eight-member, as opposed to seven, boyband join him for the segment, Corden misinterpreted his question about the size of the vehicle to assume that the band was asking him to join. When the boys made it very clear that was not the intention, James did the showbiz equivalent of "I will turn this car around!" and took BTS straight to his cardio dancersize class to prove that he's got the moves to keep up.

Admittedly, James could hold his own, but naturally, by the end of the exhausting demo, Jimin was leading the entire class in some patented, pure-BTS dance moves that had even the most seasoned of dancers lying on the floor, exhausted. Don’t mess with BTS—they’ve toured the world, sold out stadiums and they can out-dance anybody.

Before the detour, the group spent their car time karaoke-ing (obviously) like the adorable popstars they are, and dishing all the goss on what it's like being a whopping SEVEN member boyband, their nicknames (Jin is ‘www dot worldwide handsome dot com,’ which is obvious), in-fights (give Jimin his dumplings and no one gets hurt), and how they learned English growing up in Korea.

“Actually, I've taught myself by Friends,” RM explained from the front seat, acting as an occasional translator for the rest of the band. As he explained to a wowed James that the Korean and English subtitles on the Friends DVDs acted as his Duolingo, it was Jin in the back who stole the show by mumbling in Korean, “Well I’ve watched Friends too, but I can’t speak English...” Aww, worldwide handsome forgot he was mic’d up! We see you, boo.

As James and BTS belted out new songs from their latest effort Map of the Soul: 7, and even covers of Bruno Mars’ "Finesse" (feat. Cardi B). It turns out Cardi herself was watching and she took to Twitter to joke that BTS took her job.

The cutest moment of the entire carpool had to be when Jimin revealed his nickname is Mochi (i.e. the Japanese rice cake), and RM asked James if he knew what Mochi was to which he replied "I love a mochi!" which sounded a whole lot like “I love emojis!” to all the boys. The fumble earned James his own BTS nickname as Jimin dubbed him "Papa Mochi" to his "Baby Mochi"—a role James immediately leaned in to. Why is it every time BTS goes on a talk show, the host immediately wants to adopt them?

JK. We totally get it.

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