Uh-oh, the 'Lizzie McGuire' reboot is in trouble

This is what bad dreams are made of.
January 10, 2020 12:03 p.m. EST
January 13, 2020 11:00 p.m. EST
Lizzie McGuire was set to be one of the biggest revivals of the year, what with pretty much the entire cast of the original on board to reprise their roles, including star Hilary Duff, making for a seamless reboot. But things aren't always what they seem and what appeared to be a series moving along swimmingly is doing anything but. Hmm, wonder what Lizzie's animated persona has to say about this.Original series creator Terri Minsky has stepped down as showrunner on the Disney+ project, resulting in production coming to a screaming halt. "Fans have a sentimental attachment to Lizzie McGuire and high expectations for a new series," a Disney spokesperson told Variety. "After filming two episodes, we concluded that we need to move in a different creative direction and are putting a new lens on the show." That sound you heard? The sobs of Disney+ subscribers who really only got the streaming service for Lizzie and co.It was last summer that Disney+ announced they were bringing Lizzie back. In August, Duff revealed the now-30-year-old was living it up in New York City, working her dream job, living in an adorable apartment in Brooklyn and engaged to a hot chef — until she "gets some pretty big news." But aside from that, much of the appeal of this "reimagined version of the sitcom" was that Minsky was going to be overseeing it all. And with former cast members Adam Lamberg, Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine and Jake Thomas returning, it had all the makings of a promising comeback.
[video_embed id='1827039']RELATED: What Disney Plus really means for the media giant[/video_embed]A recent Disney+ promo offered the briefest of glimpses at new footage of the series, though it remains to be seen if the two episodes that have already been completed will be left untouched or be reshot.Production on the show began in November 2019, and effectively immediately, Lizzie McGuire is on hiatus. The show has yet to name Minsky's replacement but the hunt is on. For now, while the news isn't what fans wanted to hear, the timing could be worse as Duff and husband Matthew Koma are currently on their honeymoon. The Younger star, who is reportedly in Mozambique, has yet to respond but because she likes to keep fans posted on what's going on in Lizzie's life, hopefully we'll hear some positive news soon. From anyone, really.
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