Keke Palmer understood the assignment when she manifested her 'Insecure' cameo

Issa Rae is always listening.
November 8, 2021 11:27 a.m. EST
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If you've seen the latest episode of Insecure (Sundays at 10E/7P on Crave), you already know actress Keke Palmer made a surprise cameo as Condola's sister, Kyra. In the episode, where Condola gives birth and Lawrence flies back to meet his baby (and Condola's family) for the first time, we see that Kyra definitely doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Luckily, neither does Keke Palmer, who scored the role after her cheeky little tweet last year had people calling for her to be in Insecure's final season and eventually caught the eye of Issa Rae. Back in September of 2020, in a now-deleted tweet, Keke shared her excitement for season 5, leading some to think she would appear in the season. She then tweeted at Issa Rae, asking her to fulfill everyone's wishes so she could put Condola in her place.

"Be careful what you wish for," Palmer gleefully captioned her Instagram post when it was announced that the Twitter scriptures would be fulfilled.

Including a still from the episode where Keke's character does not look impressed, Issa Rae herself responded in the comments, joking, "So this the frame right before you beat her ass, right?"

In the episode, Keke's character Kyra ate up every scene she had, having no time for Lawrence (Jay Ellis) when he showed up in the hospital, quipping, "Oh, that’s why the baby look like that.” Ice cold. To be fair, she is the first member of Condola's family to meet Lawrence. Can you believe he's never even met her mom Jackie before? Special shout out to the eternally delightful Lela Rochon who guest starred as Condola's mom. 

The manifesting that Keke undertook here is incredible—her original tweet pleaded to play a character that would set Condola (who seems to always get between Lawrence and Issa) right, and then in a clever twist, she's cast as her no-nonsense sister Kyra? And she was definitely doing the Lord's work when Kyra told Condola that Lawrence was no more than a fun uncle and she should be more upset at him than she's allowing herself to be. 

Naturally, Twitter is loving the fact that she initiated the move that would eventually get her onto the show, and then absolutely KILLED it. 

And there's no rest for a booked and busy Keke Palmer—she's needed in the streets of Sesame. It was recently announced that she, along with Amanda Gorman, Naomi Osaka and Anderson .Paak will guest star on the 52nd season of Sesame Street. K is for kween of kameos. 

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