Here’s the full cast of ‘The Traitors Canada’

September 18, 2023 3:21 p.m. EST
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Buckle up because CTV's latest show The Traitors Canada is about to be a bumpy, thrilling ride! Premiering on CTV on Oct. 2, 10 p.m. ET/PT, this mind-bending competition will keep you on the edge of your seats and is poised to be the hottest show of the season.

Picture this: a historic manor in the heart of Montréal is the backdrop for a high-stakes game where loyalty is a fleeting concept. 20 contestants, handpicked for their cunning, guts, and strategic wits, are thrown into a labyrinth of treachery. And there's more—this group is a motley crew of eight well-known reality stars and 12 brand-new faces: a former MuchMusic VJ and radio host, a psychic medium, high school teacher, magician/mentalist, paediatric registered nurse, firefighter, Twitch streamer, and many others. Expect the unexpected.

Karine Vanasse, the award-winning actress famed for her role in Cardinal, takes the helm as the show's charismatic host. 

At the core of The Traitors Canada lies an enticing premise. The contestants must navigate a web of challenges for a chance to win up to $100,00. But here's the twist: hidden among the Faithful are the Traitors. These covert operatives must deceive, manipulate, and eliminate their fellow contestants, all while evading detection.

"Cloaked under the cover of darkness, the devious Traitors murder the Faithful one by one in a treacherous spree while the players try to uncover the Traitors and banish them from the game. If the Faithful contestants banish all Traitors, they will share the final prize, but if a Traitor makes it to the end, they get to walk away with all the money. In this psychological adventure of prize-building challenges, savage accusations, and diabolical murders, will the Traitors be unmasked in time?

The Contestants

Collin Johnson (he/him)

Age: 37

Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ont.

Occupation: Transit Operator


Crystal Mayes (she/her)

Age: 50

Hometown: Saskatoon, Sask.

Occupation: Nurse


Domenic Ielasi (he/him)

Age: 32

Hometown: Hamilton, Ont.

Occupation: Project Management


Donna Hartt (she/her)

Age: 53

Hometown: Calgary

Occupation: Psychic Medium


Erika Casupanan (she/her)

Age: 33

Hometown: Toronto

Occupation: Former Communications Manager / Winner of SURVIVOR (Season 41)


Gurleen Maan (she/her)

Age: 35

Hometown: Abbotsford, B.C.

Occupation: Third Generation Farmer / FARMING FOR LOVE (Season 1)


Gurpyar Bains (he/him)

Age: 25

Hometown: Calgary

Occupation: Paediatric Registered Nurse


Kevin Martin (he/him)

Age: 30

Hometown: Calgary

Occupation: Champion Poker Player / BIG BROTHER CANADA (Season 5) winner


Kuzie Mujakachi (she/her)

Age: 29

Hometown: Victoria, B.C.

Occupation: 911 Operator / Miss World Zimbabwe / BIG BROTHER CANADA (Season 11)


Leroy Fontaine (he/him)

Age: 38

Hometown: Halifax

Occupation: Firefighter


Mai Nguyen (she/her)

Age: 34

Hometown: Edmonton

Occupation: Entrepreneur / BSc in Food Technology / MASTERCHEF CANADA (Seasons 4 & 7)


Mary Wisden (she/her)

Age: 31

Hometown: Courtenay, B.C.

Occupation: Twitch Streamer


Melissa Allder (she/her)

Age: 49

Hometown: London, Ont.

Occupation: Educator, High School Teacher / ESL Learning Coordinator


Melissa Best (she/her)

Age: 35

Hometown: St. John’s, Nfld.

Occupation: Realtor


Mickey Henry (he/him)

Age: 33

Hometown: Bala, Ont.

Occupation: CFO / THE AMAZING RACE CANADA (Season 2) winner


Mike D’Urzo (he/him)

Age: 39

Hometown: Toronto

Occupation: Magician/Mentalist


Miss Fiercalicious (she/her in drag; he/him/they out of drag)

Age: 26

Hometown: Toronto

Occupation: Drag Performer / CANADA’S DRAG RACE (Season 3)


Dr. Nazila Dehghani (she/her)

Age: 47

Hometown: Newmarket, Ont.

Occupation: Dentist/Doctor of Dental Surgery

Rick Campanelli, a.k.a. “Rick The Temp” (he/him)

Age: 53

Hometown: Burlington, Ont.

Occupation: Former MuchMusic VJ and Radio Host / TV Personality


Travon Smith (he/him)

Age: 28

Hometown: Toronto

Occupation: Public Relations Specialist


The Traitors Canada airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, and the CTV app, beginning Oct. 2. Find the full press release here

Can't wait? Catch up on the first season of the American edition of The Traitors before the Canadian premiere on Crave.

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