Meet the daters looking for love on ‘Farming For Love’

Your new dating show obsession launches on CTV May 28.
May 16, 2023 4:18 p.m. EST

You may not be familiar with Farming For Love yet, but you will be!

Based on Fremantle’s long-running and successful hit format The Farmer Wants A Wife which has resulted in 197 weddings and 480 children to date, Farming For Love sees five of Canada’s most eligible farmers embark on an epic journey to find true love. They’ll invite a group of singles to live and work alongside them, immersing themselves in a series of farm chores, group activities, and intimate one-on-one dates with the ultimate goal of finding their life partner.

In anticipation of the series' debut on May 28, we’re announcing the daters looking for the love of a farmer in the debut season of this series.

Be sure to tune in on May 28 at 7pm ET on CTV,, and the CTV app.


Age: 25

Hometown: Chemainus, BC

Type Of Farm: Dairy

Not everyone would give up a professional volleyball career to be a dairy farmer - but that’s exactly what Farmer Doug did! He lives and works on his family’s sweeping 300-acre, solar-powered farm, and can’t get enough of it. Tall, goofy, and athletic, Farmer Doug may be young, but he’s seen many of his friends get married already. He’s looking for a wife who is smart, a travel companion, and wants kids. Farmer Doug is ready to start a family, but he needs to meet his partner first.



AGE: 25


HOMETOWN: Saint John, NB 

Abbie is a hopeless romantic with a successful career as a realtor, but her own home feels a little empty. Abbie loves spending time outdoors especially if it includes sunsets, swimming, and stars. She doesn’t have a farming background, but her love for the outdoors is sure to help her adjust. Like Farmer Doug, Abbie loves to laugh and to make people laugh. A sense of humour is important, and Abbie is looking for a partner who loves and accepts her for who she is. She has a big personality and doesn’t want someone who will try to shrink her to fit a mold.

FUN FACT: Abbie will sing loudly along to just about any song, despite being a self-described “terrible singer”.



AGE: 25

OCCUPATION: Office Manager

HOMETOWN: Pitt Meadows, B.C.

Amy isn’t short on courage - she has backpacked Southeast Asia, asked strangers out, and now she’s applying to date a farmer on FARMING FOR LOVE. But ever since her last serious relationship went south, Amy’s been scared to fall in love again. Having grown up on the family dairy farm, Amy has spent a lot of time in the countryside, though she’s always been happy to leave most of the actual farm work to her siblings and dad. She is outdoorsy and loves hiking, as well as going to the gym. Amy’s deal breakers are dishonesty and unfaithfulness, and when she has been wronged, she’s not afraid to speak up about it.

FUN FACT: Amy loves to sew. She has even made her own pants! 



AGE: 24



Beekeeper Bailey is a prairie-based honey producer looking for an equally sweet guy like Doug who will laugh at her dad-jokes and support her dreams of growing her business. Running two businesses while getting a degree in Agricultural Business, Bailey shares Doug’s entrepreneurial spirit, drive and passion. Having recently dated a guy who wouldn’t do his own laundry, Bailey is looking for a mature mate who wants a partner – not another mother.

FUN FACT: Bailey loves old trucks. She used to have a 1951 Fargo - and she’s on the hunt for a new one.



AGE: 28

OCCUPATION: Brand Marketing Manager

HOMETOWN: Saskatoon, SK

A former university volleyball player who now works in marketing, Kayla finally has time for a relationship without her hectic sports schedule getting in the way. Kayla is drawn to Farmer Doug because of their many similarities, including being raised on farms, playing competitive volleyball in university, and their mutual love of travel. Kayla is looking for someone who is as spontaneous as she is, and she cherishes her freedom to pick up and go anywhere.

FUN FACT: Kayla is Taylor Swift’s #1 fan.



AGE: 24


HOMETOWN: Fredericton, NB

Mackenzie is adventurous and fiercely independent. She describes herself as a strategic risk taker – if it’s a little wild, she’s down to try it, but at the end of the day she finds comfort and happiness being around the people she loves. Mackenzie is drawn to the country lifestyle and has great respect for farmers and the selfless work they do to feed all of us. Like Doug, Mackenzie wants to be with someone who has ambition, strives to meet their goals and is willing to try new things and take risks, all while having fun.

FUN FACT: Mackenzie is lactose intolerant!



AGE: 23

OCCUPATION: Dairy Researcher


It was Meghan’s dairy farmer father who insisted she apply to date Farmer Doug, but after reading his bio and taking stock of their shared interests, she didn’t need much convincing. As a research scientist in the dairy industry, she’s excited that Doug is interested in new farming technologies. Meghan loves playing volleyball, travelling, and is all about family – three things Doug is most passionate about too. She is looking for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and loves grand romantic gestures. She doesn’t tolerate rudeness and it’s important that her partner gets along with her family.

FUN FACT: Meghan will drag you out to the local country bar on a Saturday night to go line dancing.



AGE: 25

OCCUPATION: Financial Analyst

HOMETOWN: Saint John, NB

Rachel is a kind-hearted, fun-loving, commitment-seeking kind of gal. She’s looking for someone who will put as much effort into her as she will into them. Rachel’s no stranger to hard work, and she can’t wait to experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with farm life. Like Farmer Doug, Rachel’s all about having a laugh, trying new things, and stepping outside your comfort zone. She values kindness and respect and is a firm believer that you can say anything in a nice way. For Rachel, successful relationships have trust, honesty, and efforts from both sides.

FUN FACT: Rachel is a tap dancer and a singer, and placed 2nd in New Brunswick Idol.



Age: 33

Hometown: Gibons, BC

Type Of Farm: Equestrian Centre

Farmer Ashleigh is a bubbly, fun-loving horse trainer with a passion for animals and the outdoors. Before her grandfather passed away when she was 10, he bought her a horse -- igniting a passion that would drive the rest of her life. After a 10-year relationship fizzled out, and living through a pandemic, Ashleigh has been single for the last four years. Now, she’s looking for someone independent and kind with a great sense of humour. She’s more than ready for love, she just needs the right guy by her side.

AGE: 25

OCCUPATION: Financial Analyst

HOMETOWN: Saint John, NB




AGE: 30

OCCUPATION: Real Estate Investor

HOMETOWN: Woodstock, ON

Adam is very independent and is seeking a partner who can bring their own life, business, and passions to the table. Adam has spent the better part of a decade working on creating a solid financial foundation to provide for the people he loves and now he is ready to share that with a partner. Getting out of a six-year relationship, and experiencing burnout from overworking, forced Adam to go through a complete perspective change. He’s healed and looking for balance in his life — including long-term love.

FUN FACT: Adam enjoys older country tunes from performers like Reba McEntire.



AGE: 29



After taking a few years off from dating to mend a broken heart, East Coaster Ian is ready to find love with Farmer Ashleigh. Before he got into the hospitality industry, Ian ran his own landscaping company for seven years, so the farm life doesn’t intimidate him. When Ian read Ashleigh’s profile, he was surprised at how much they had in common from their love of animals down to their favourite song: Bailey Zimmerman’s Rock In A Hard Place. Ian is really close to his family, especially his older brother who got married three years ago.

FUN FACT: One of Ian’s core memories is horseback riding in Wyoming by the Grand Teton mountains on a family vacation.



AGE: 40

OCCUPATION: Comedian/Producer

HOMETOWN: Vancouver, BC

Comedian Lukas isn’t in a rush to find love but admits he’s quick to sign up for any opportunity that may lead to it. Lukas applied because he feels that he and Ashleigh align, and he loves the idea of meeting someone in their own unique world. Lukas isn’t just an avid animal lover, he grew up riding horses, so he can certainly keep up. They share similar values including an appreciation of animals, creativity, and honest living.

FUN FACT: Lukas is a former athletic performance coach.



AGE: 30

OCCUPATION: Graphic Designer

HOMETOWN: Vancouver, BC

Life on the farm would be a big change for this Vancouver-based graphic designer, but Matthew is willing to give it a shot if it means he might make a connection with Farmer Ashleigh. This city guy is excited to learn about the farming lifestyle and gain a couple of new skills. When he imagines farm life, he sees rolling hills, a barn, and hopefully a dog. Matthew is a relationship guy and being single has been a big adjustment. He thinks life is better when you have someone to share it with.

FUN FACT: Matthew is a BMX stunt rider.



AGE: 27



Mitchell took a break from dating after ending a long-term relationship and losing his mother, but this charismatic butcher is finally ready to meet the right woman – and he thinks it might be Farmer Ashleigh. This former lumberjack has no direct farming experience, but his job and hobbies (hunting and fishing) are all farm adjacent, so he’s hoping he’ll fit right in. Mitchell has always been intrigued by the farming lifestyle, so when he saw Ashleigh with her bubbly and quirky personality, he thought he’d put himself in the running.

FUN FACT: Mitchell has plans to start his own mobile butchery.



AGE: 41

OCCUPATION: Hospitality Manager

HOMETOWN: Vancouver, BC

After living off grid in Prince George, B.C. for the past year, former pro volleyball player ‘Murf’ is back in the city and ready to start the next chapter of his life with someone special to share it with, like Farmer Ashleigh. Though he loves being social and living in the city, Murf is interested in giving small-town life a try. Both Murf and Ashleigh have a lot in common: they love animals, being active, and have an entrepreneurial spirit (Murf hopes to open his own bar one day - maybe on the Sunshine Coast).

FUN FACT: He wanted to be a cowboy when he was younger.



Age: 25

Hometown: Keremeos. BC

Type Of Farm: Winery

As a second-generation wine producer, where Farmer Charley’s from, it’s always wine-o'clock! Growing up on his parents' winery made Charley ambitious from a young age. He created his first signature Rosé while still in high school -- and it was the first wine to sell out that summer. He also has dreams of expanding the business. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains or a last-minute fishing trip, Charley is spontaneous, adventurous, and looking for a partner who loves the outdoors. Farmer Charley is currently building himself a home on 8 acres, and is looking to fill it with love, kids, and family - he just needs to meet his future wife first!




AGE: 25

OCCUPATION: Veterinary Technician

HOMETOWN: Kamloops, BC

Despite her strong ability to connect with people, Adrienne has had no luck on the dating scene and she’s tried it all. She’s not a farmer, but Adrienne’s eager to learn the tricks of the trade. And as a veterinary technician, she absolutely loves animals. Maybe there’s room for a few furry friends on the vineyard? She’ll never say no to an adventure, and she also loves surprises -- and luckily for her, Farmer Charley loves to plan them.

FUN FACT: Adrienne loves bodybuilding.



AGE: 24



ESL teacher Angelina recently had her world turned upside down when she moved back to Burnaby after teaching in South Korea. She’s in a transition phase of her life and is open to a career and lifestyle change—especially if Farmer Charley and his winery are involved. From travel, to wine, to a love of baking, brewing beer, and distilling, Angelina and Farmer Charley have more in common than not. She used to work in the alcohol industry, so she might be able to teach Farmer Charley a thing or two!

FUN FACT: She watches rom-coms every night as part of her self-care routine.



AGE: 25

OCCUPATION: Support Worker


Support worker Chelane has devoted her life to her passion of helping others. Ironically, with so much love to give, she’s never been in a relationship before. Now it’s time to put herself first and focus on finding the love she deserves. Like Farmer Charley, Chelane loves to laugh and is hoping Charley’s sense of humour will lighten her days, which can be tough as a support worker. She can’t wait to decompress after a long shift with Charley, both their dogs, and a glass of rosé under the stars.

FUN FACT: Quality time is Chelane’s love language.



AGE: 29



Bubbly, energetic, and a self-described goofball, Laura is a hopeless romantic with a big heart. Her career as a special needs teacher is a core part of her identity and she volunteers with the local animal shelter in her spare time. With so much love to give, she’s looking for an adventurous partner who’s ready to commit and take the next step. Laura loves early mornings, the great outdoors, and her cowboy boots, so she’s ready for farm life!

FUN FACT: Laura is a former CFL cheerleader for the Calgary Stampeders and she has a dog named Charley.



AGE: 23



Maxine dreams of living the romance-movie life in a quaint small town, working on a winery with the perfect man by her side. Dating Farmer Charley might just be her shot at turning movie magic into reality. She loves trying new things and since she isn’t settled in her career yet, she’s ready to pick up and move. Plus, she’s outdoorsy and loves working out, so keeping up with Charley’s active lifestyle shouldn’t be an issue. Maxine has been on a lot of first dates, but they never seem to go anywhere. Temperamental behaviour and possessive attitudes are turn-offs… good thing Farmer Charley is calm, cool, and collected.

FUN FACT: Maxine used to train pigs for showbiz!



AGE: 24



Samantha is a city girl through and through, but as an aspiring fantasy-romance novelist she’s no stranger to imagining far off lands. Perhaps Farmer Charley and the lush Similkameen Valley will be the beginnings of her own real-life love story? Like Charley, she’s outgoing, active, and adventurous, but also loves a quiet night in with a glass of wine. She’s particular about who she lets into her life and is looking for a partner who is ready to commit wholeheartedly.

FUN FACT: Samantha studies Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.



AGE: 24

OCCUPATION: Building Developer

HOMETOWN: Penticton, BC

Outdoor enthusiast Samantha is ready to find her equal, and when Charley’s profile video fell into her “social media lap,” she knew she had to apply. Samantha is very handy, isn’t afraid of long hours, and can hunt. She recently finished three weeks as a gold mine camp cook in the remote Yukon and has done everything from cabinet design to organizing rentals for her family’s businesses. Samantha is the kind of woman who could help Charley build his house. Like Charley, she loves the outdoors and any activity that is adrenaline-fueled. Samantha called off her engagement two years ago and she’s now ready to let down her walls and give love another try.

FUN FACT: Snowmobiling is her biggest passion.



Age: 34

Hometown: Abbotsford, BC

Type Of Farm: Berry and Agritourism

A 3rd generation farmer, Farmer Gurleen runs and lives on a thriving agritourism business with her entire family. With Farmer Gurleen, her parents, her brothers, and their partners all under one roof, their household is hectic, fun, and always loud! Farmer Gurleen is looking for someone who is not afraid to get their hands dirty during the day - then dress up and enjoy some laughs over dinner and a glass of wine at night.




AGE: 36

OCCUPATION: Claims Adjuster


After being single for three years, Craig is ready to find his “forever person”. Craig admits this was not always the case, but times have changed, and he wants a wife with whom he can work with to achieve their shared goals. Craig and Gurleen share a love of simple acts of romance, like cooking a surprise dinner. Like Gurleen, becoming a parent is also very important to Craig — if he finds the right person, of course. Craig respects Gurleen’s core values and is absolutely on board with her living situation.

FUN FACT: Craig’s an animal lover too and has a puppy named Bex.



AGE: 36

OCCUPATION: Lobster Fisherman

HOMETOWN: Grand Manan Island, NB

“Renaissance man” Joshua has done a little bit of everything—tree planting, teaching, and now working as a fisherman on a quaint Island on the East Coast. Being so remote affords plenty of fresh air and time for dry-humoured Joshua to wonder if he’ll ever get married. He might not have much farming experience, but he loves being outdoors. Joshua shares Gurleen’s entrepreneurial spirit and has previously worked in business development. Joshua has dated a lot and he has learned that romance is a decision. Chemistry is one thing, but when the rubber hits the road, Joshua needs someone who will stick by his side.

FUN FACT: Joshua has a teaching degree and has taught in China.



AGE: 35

OCCUPATION: Real Estate Investor

HOMETOWN: Brampton, ON

Manny knows his love life is lacking, and he’s ready to change that. Farm life could be quite the transition for this budding realtor, but Manny knows he and Gurleen have many other things in common. Like Gurleen, Manny grew up working in the family business and puts his mom and sister above everything else. This foodie also loves trying new restaurants, being in nature and travelling.

FUN FACT: Manny speaks four languages - English, French, Hindi and Punjabi.



AGE: 29


HOMETOWN: Mississauga, ON

World traveller Nick has seen all Seven Wonders, but there’s one more wonder he’s still hoping to see: Farmer Gurleen. Nick hasn’t been in a relationship since high school. Since then, he’s dated people on and off, but nothing serious. This born-and-raised city guy hasn’t spent more than a few minutes on a farm himself, so he’s a little nervous about this adventure. Like Gurleen, Nick’s number one priority is his family, and he hopes to start one of his own soon. He also loves Halloween, October and pumpkin pie, just like our farmer.

FUN FACT: For the past decade, Nick and his friends have run the non-profit charity called Mission 1 World, which helps people in third-world countries access basic necessities.



AGE: 49

OCCUPATION: Retired Air Force Pilot


High energy divorcee Raj is a self-professed “King of TMI” and a retired RCAF pilot looking for love. Could Gurleen finally be the one? He’s not a farmer, but he has an engineering background, so he’s very handy. He can fix pretty much anything. Raj and Gurleen share many common interests: they’re both into travelling, good wine, social events, and they both want kids. Gurleen may be the “Director of Fun”, but Raj considers himself the “Facilitator of Fun”. Raj has been single for at least three years and at this point, he is willing to try anything to find the love of his life, as long as it’s not another pandemic-era video date.

FUN FACT: He went to wine school and calls himself a faux-melier.



AGE: 28

OCCUPATION: Registered Provisional Psychologist (AB)


Tai has worked hard towards his dream career of being a teen and couples’ counsellor. Now that he has established his career, he’s ready to work towards his next dream - finding a partner and starting a family. Tai has zero farm experience, and as a cosmopolitan guy with painted nails and nose piercings, he’s looking forward to breaking down old stereotypes about who farmers can be. And if anyone needs a berry taster, he is up for the job. As a couples’ counsellor, Tai believes shared values are very important and the fact that both he and Farmer Gurleen are both strongly family-oriented will take them far.

FUN FACT: Tai once had a pet monkey!



Age: 32

Hometown: Comox Valley, BC

Type Of Farm: Livestock and Grain Farmer

Farmer Dave is a self-made success with not one, but two farms. After growing up in Wellington, South Africa, he helped move his entire family over to Canada and set up a thriving agricultural business they now run together. Farmer Dave is passionate about regenerative farming (using low carbon practices), and has thrown his whole self into his career. Now that his business is off and running, he’s ready to look for a kind-hearted woman with a dark sense of humour to complete his life.  




AGE: 28

OCCUPATION: HR Administrator

HOMETOWN: Vancouver, BC

After a close family member was diagnosed with cancer, Amanda vowed she would live life to the fullest and take more leaps of faith, like applying to date Farmer Dave. Her only insight into farm life comes from working on a vineyard in Australia with her best friends for a few months. Amanda was drawn to Dave because he ticked all her boxes. They’re both looking for a partner with a sense of humour, and after her short stint at the vineyard, she considers herself the outdoorsy girl of his dreams.

FUN FACT: Amanda is an adopted only child who is very close to her parents.



AGE: 31

OCCUPATION: Public Servant

HOMETOWN: Whitehorse, YT

Hillary moved to the Yukon for some fun and adventure, and while the location is exciting, the dating scene is not. This dater is looking to spice things up, take a chance and find someone the unconventional way. Like Dave, Hillary is a hard worker and embraces any opportunity to learn, create, and build. Hillary is all about small gestures in relationships because big ones often turn out to be a bit of a mirage.

FUN FACT: A guy once flew his plane to Yukon to bring her a dozen roses.



AGE: 30

OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur

HOMETOWN: Victoria, BC

A vegan doughnut baker and podcaster, Hope was on the hunt for love when the universe sent her a sign: Date Farmer Dave. After seeing his dating profile, she couldn’t get the charming South African farmer off her mind and had to apply. Hope may not be familiar with farm life, but the animal lover knows Dave’s small town very well. She grew up in the Comox Valley and has always dreamt of moving back. She is drawn to the fact that Dave is kind and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, just like her.

FUN FACT: Hope’s two older brothers are her best friends.



AGE: 32

OCCUPATION: Antique Shop Owner

HOMETOWN: Peterborough, BC

Shop owner Kayley has always dreamed of living on a farm, but what made her jump for Dave in particular is the fact that he’s a hardworking entrepreneur like herself, seems humble, loves a good sense of humour, and “then there are those eyes!” she exclaims. She also feels comfort and an immediate bond knowing they share the unique experience of losing someone extremely close to them. Kayley loves learning new things, sustainability, and her eight-year-old dog, Hunk.

FUN FACTS: Kayley planted trees for two years in Prince George, and last year she joined a bowling league.



AGE: 35

OCCUPATION: Photographer


Island gal Lori knows little about farming but is willing to try anything to escape the bone-dry dating scene in Nanaimo, B.C. Lori was thrilled to hear about a nice guy who’s close to home and also appreciates a sense of humour (she does improv comedy on the side). For this mother of two, Lori’s kids are her world, so she loves that the most important thing to Farmer Dave is also family.

FUN FACT: Lori would love to run her own farm-based wedding venue one day.



AGE: 29

OCCUPATION: Occupational Health Nurse


This is the “Year of Yes” for free-spirited Melissa, and it’s a BIG YES to Farmer Dave. Melissa admits when it came to watching the farmer’s dating profiles online, she stopped at Dave because she immediately thought he was perfect. This adventure junkie is down to try everything twice, whether it’s skydiving or throwing bales of hay. She loves to get her hands dirty and is excited to learn everything about farm life. Both Melissa and Dave are interested in finding someone who values humour and family overall. Melissa is so tight with her siblings that they nicknamed themselves “the core four”.

FUN FACT: Melissa and her best friend siblings live within a few blocks of each other.

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