Tom Hiddleston wants you to love his Owen Wilson bromance as much as his Chris Hemsworth one

'You can’t really define it when you just have a fun chemistry with another actor.'
Published June 8, 2021 2:35 p.m. EST
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Tom Hiddleston is set to return as the stubborn, misunderstood and sometimes arrogant, God of Mischief in Marvel's upcoming Loki series. After 11 years and six movies, Loki is finally getting the spotlight to himself and Hiddleston opened up about what it means to continue exploring his character after all these years.

He's also excited for viewers to see his new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) bromance with co-star Owen Wilson. (Sorry Chris Hemsworth, you've been replaced).

The highly anticipated series has Loki step out of his brother Thor's shadow and tells the story of what went on after he disappeared from Avengers: Endgame. In case you don't recall: the Avengers went back in time to collect all the Infinity stones and Loki escaped with the Space Stone.

Hiddleston told Etalk’s Sonia Beeksma that “it’s great” to see Loki in his own spotlight now.

“It’s great because it’s almost — the thing that’s most exciting is the amount of time that we have and the way the story’s constructed to just explore these other aspects of Loki. I’ve absolutely loved making those movies, and, to be honest, I only ever expected to make one," Hiddleston said.

"The fact that I’m here 10 years later is um, I just feel really like grateful for the whole experience. It’s so unusual. It’s so unusual as an actor to get to deconstruct and unpack a character over and over again and find different stories for him to be in. I’m delighted.”

Hiddleston’s Loki and Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius have a lot of back-and-forth with each other and Mobius isn’t too impressed with Loki’s skills or tricked by his persuasion.

Sonia wanted to know how Wilson compares to all the other MCU co-stars Hiddleston has worked with over the years.

“You know what was great about Owen was he came in, and he’s got such a unique curiosity anyway. I think he’d seen some of the — I think there are 23 Marvel movies — but not all of them," Hiddleston said.

He continued, "So he was — he had enough distance from it that was really useful for Mobius because he’s kind of emotionally detached from Loki’s powers of persuasion. He doesn’t get caught up in the drama of it. Loki does what he does and tries to manipulate situations for his own advantage and Owen’s Mobius is like ‘Sure, OK. You can try that or you could try this.’”

Hiddleston said that Wilson is "very playful and very inventive."

"The dynamic between the two of us is really fun because he was always — there was a twinkle in his eye the whole time. It was really fresh and it felt really new. There was a lot of time to explore it which I’ve really only had — the only comparable really is with Chris Hemsworth," the actor admitted.

"You can’t really define it when you just have a fun chemistry with another actor. I had it with Chris and I hope people feel I had it with Owen too.”

Sonia couldn’t leave Hiddleston without congratulating him on his Tony nomination for Betrayal and the actor is very honoured to be nominated for his Broadway debut.

“It was a huge honour to be nominated, absolutely my first time and my first experience performing theatre in New York and on Broadway. I had a really, really happy and meaningful experience doing it.”

Hiddleston is most excited for the Tony Awards in September because that’s also “the moment that theatre comes back to New York.”

“The whole community reopens again, and those playhouses and theatres in those extraordinary buildings will be open again to have audiences streaming through their doors, and that is cause for celebration after the year we’ve all had.”



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