Helen Mirren filmed her 'Tonight Show' interview in her bubble bath

The US may be opening up, but it's nice to see bathtub Zooms are still a thing.
Published June 18, 2021 9:57 a.m. EST

You might be cool but are you cooler than Helen Mirren being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon in a bathtub on The Tonight Show? Because that’s what our favourite British Dame did last night, much to the delight and shock of host Jimmy Fallon. 

“I’m in my favorite place in the world,” Helen smiled mischievously, as Jimmy gawked at the majesty that is Dame Helen THE Mirren.

“That's the brilliant thing about Zoom. I was thinking, you know, why not be in the place that you love to sit and chat to people? I love having a chat to my husband while I'm sitting in the bath. So, why not do it to the whole of America?”

“I’m running out of bubbles though, that’s the problem,” the Emmy, Tony, and Oscar winner laughed.

Jimmy promised to make the interview fast, to which she added, “Very fast, please. Fast and furious.” And that’s how a pro handles a segue.

Dame Helen has been busy promoting the latest Fast and Furious installment, F9, which opens Friday, June 25th, and she was full of wild stories to go with her appearance (as if the bubbles weren’t enough!).

She shared footage from her country home in Nevada where a black bear tried to sneak its way onto her property. In the home video, you can see Helen opening her sliding door and scolding the wild beast with “naughty bear!” And wouldn’t you know it, the black bear got the heck outta there. Even he knows you don’t mess with a Dame!

She also shared this wild story from her days in the theatre, playing a Janis Joplin-esque rock goddess in 1975’s Teeth n’ Smiles, where she says The Who rocker Keith Moon came to chat backstage. Prefacing his greeting by falling into a rubbish bin outside her dressing room, she says he banged on the door and bellowed his hello.

“I said, ‘Gosh Keith, what an honour to meet you! How fabulous!’ and he said, ‘I’m coming on stage with you! It’s supposed to be fantastic and I’m coming on stage with ya!’”

Dame Helen then admitted to her absolute rock n’ roll discredit that she refused the legendary rocker a place on stage with her. “He was completely blasted, incidentally.”

Saying she regretted the decision, Jimmy noted, “Well you’re already a rock star.”

That is without a doubt, considering how viral and notorious our Dame Helen has become lately. Just take her appearance in Daniel Mac’s viral TikTok last week where he approaches luxury car owners and asks them what they do for a living. 

When he stumbles upon Helen sitting in a McLaren, she responds, “I drift cars for a living,” before gesturing to her 50 ft tall advertisement on the side of a sky scraper. Wow, she’s really taking her Fast & Furious role seriously.

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