Two performers do Dan + Shay’s ’10,000 Hours’ in front of Dan + Shay on ‘The Voice’

And apparently, it's better than the original?
Published April 6, 2021 10:53 a.m. EST
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The Battle Round continued on Monday’s episode of The Voice (Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV) and the pressure was on for each performer, including two who performed a Dan + Shay song in front of Dan + Shay.

Coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Nick Jonas only have one save and one steal each, which means the stakes are getting higher…as are the notes. Bah dum dum.

Another night of Battle Rounds means the return of this year’s A-list group of mentors, including Darren Criss (Team Nick), Louis Fonsi (Team Kelly), Dan + Shay (Team Blake) and Brandy (John Legend).

Kelly Clarkson is still under the weather, which means Kelsea Ballerini is back to sit in on the performances and phone a friend if necessary for Steal/Save advice.


Winner: Cam Anthony

Saved: Emma Caroline by Team Blake

Cam Anthony and Emma Caroline had the monumental task of taking on “10,000 Hours” in front of Dan + Shay, who won a Grammy, Billboard Music Award, an AMA and an iHeartRadio Music Award for the song. So, no pressure. 

“We have to sing y’alls song to you,” said a clearly starstruck Emma Caroline. “You won’t do worse than I did,” added coach Blake.

Dan and Shay were instant fans of the Team Blake performers. “I legitimately have chills,” said Shay, who could hear the Gospel influence in Cam’s voice. “It’s better than the original,” added Dan.

Nick thought that Emma had a tone that was pure and beautiful and helped her voice stand out. He also complimented Cam on his stage presence, breath control and the choices he made with the performance, picking Cam as his winner for the battle. 

John also liked Emma’s tone, saying “that clarity, that grace, the power, it’s really enjoyable to listen to your voice.” Reliving the painful memory of Nick blocking him during Cam’s Blind Audition, John complimented Cam on his ability to sing with passion and fire.

“That conviction pushed me over the edge with you a little bit more,” adding that Blake can’t go wrong in choosing either artist. 

Kelsea called Emma’s tone her "superpower," but did offer some criticism to Emma, who was much more reserved in her performance.

“I want to see you put your shoulders back and own it a little bit more,” said Kelsea. The newbie coach applauded Cam for his confidence, saying that it was beautiful to watch him perform to Emma and to the coaches and cameras. “That was so impressive and you’re only 19.”

As for coach Blake, he admitted that Emma’s reservation on stage frustrated him, noting that it doesn’t appear Emma knows she’s a great singer. Blake called Cam’s singing unbelievable, adding “You look like you were born to do that.”

Blake picked Cam as the winner but used his only save for Emma Caroline.


Winner: Corey Ward

Saved: Savannah Woods by Team Kelly

In all her years of being on The Voice, Kelly said she’s never heard two artists more destined to form a band than Savannah and Corey. Kelly had zero notes for the pair during rehearsals, which is a massive compliment. It also means there’s nowhere to go but down. So, it's flattering and also…terrifying.

“When I hear an artist like you, you kind of have an angelic voice that’s kind of floaty, but you also have so much power and so much range,” said Blake, who also applauded Corey on his weathered vocals and smooth tone.

Blake couldn’t pick a winner and neither could Nick.

“I’m so curious to see where you go as an artist from here,” said Nick to Savannah. “I feel like this felt more to you, like there was an inner source or pull that you had,” said Nick to Corey. “Keep tapping into that source that drives you.”

John said he could tell both artists love being on stage but leaned more towards Corey because of the edge and urgency in his voice.

Kelsea applauded the pair on being able to make Fleetwood Mac’s massive hit “Dreams” their own. After a few texts with Kelly, Kelsea picked Corey as the winner and used her only save on Savannah. The dreeeeeeams continue.


Winner: Jordan Matthew Young

Steal: Keegan Ferrell by Team Nick

Jordan Matthew Young has spent his career playing in bars and being a road dog, while Keegan Ferrell spends his days producing in his home. No surprise, the pair have very different approaches to performing, with Jordan threatening to drown out Keegan at times.

John thought Jordan looked like a star but felt like Keegan’s voice was flawless. “As you go forward, you’ll find ways to be more of an engaging presence on stage, but I truly enjoyed listening to you sing.”

Kelsea felt like she could see how much Jordan has missed performing and appreciated his bellbottom vibe, picking Jordan as the winner.

Blake complimented the performers on putting in the work to sound great together. “At the end of the day, you both had incredible performances and I couldn’t be happier.” Blake picked Jordan as the winner, but thankfully, Keegan will be around for the Knockouts on Team Nick.

Going for the ol’ misdirect, Nick tried to make it appear as though he thought Jordan was the winner.

“From the Blinds to the Battle, you have grown quite a bit. That top register was pinging out in a very pleasant way and that can’t be because of the coaching,” said Nick to Keegan. “If there was any criticism, I would say Keegan, I just want to see you enjoy this more.” Putting in the final sales pitch, Nick added that Jordan could make it to the finale. He may, and Keegan may be right there with him.


Winner: Zania Laake

Taking inspiration from the recent Bee Gees documentary and his wife Chrissy Teigen, who loves Destiny’s Child, John assigned the powerful “Emotions” ballad to Durrell Anthony and Zania Laake. The pair received a standing ovation during rehearsals from Brandy, which already felt like a win.

Durrell and Zania were one of the most evenly matched pairings of the Battle Round, which makes for an entertaining and also stressful performance. Who should win when both artists should win?

“That song was so beautiful and you two complimented each other so well,” said Kelsea.

Blake picked Zania as the winner of the Battle, saying “There’s always that one IT factor thing that you can't really define and you just have that thing.”

Nick thought the song choice was brilliant and John noted that it was all because of his better half. Smart man.

Praising Zania, Nick said “To be that bold showed a lot of strength and courage as a singer.” Unlike Blake, Nick picked Durrell as the standout of the performance. “Durrell, you were so effortless as a falsetto. It was inspiring to me as a vocalist,” said Nick.

John was impressed by both artists, telling Durrell “You have such a lovely tone and you shine up there,” adding “You delivered once again on the stage.”

John was also impressed by how well Zania took the note about breath control and saw her improvement after only a few days of coaching, picking Zania as the winner.

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