Neil Patrick Harris is currently chilling in Canada, thinking about ‘Schitt’s Creek’ (just like the rest of us)

The cameo that could have been...
Published April 21, 2021 11:30 a.m. EST
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Neil Patrick Harris has been entertaining all of us since he first arrived in Canada in late March and had to spend 14 days in quarantine before he could leave his hotel room.

He spent his first day watching Schitt's Creek; then on day two, he did some yoga (with some alcoholic "gifts"). He shared videos of himself throwing a ball at the wall, using an old typewriter, juggling, shaving and a bunch of other mundane activities that aren't interesting until a celeb does them on Instagram.

To make boredom matters worse, once Harris was allowed to head outside for some fresh air, Ontario was hit with a stay-at-home order.

NPH told Etalk’s Sonia Beeksma all about why he’s been in Toronto and he also gushed some more about his love for Schitt's Creek and plus how he's teaching the world about travel etiquette (in hopes that we're all a little better at it once we're able to head out on trips again). 

“I am here in Toronto filming a holiday movie that will be on HBO Max this December called 8-Bit Christmas and we’re filming it here,” he shared. “Anytime I can get an opportunity to come to Canada, I embrace it.”

Like the rest of us in Canada, Harris loves Schitt’s Creek, and he had some thoughts about which characters he’d love to travel with from the show.

“I probably would want to travel with Patrick, maybe Patrick and David together because they’re a dynamic duo and you want the colour commentary from David Rose,” he revealed.

When it comes to who he wouldn’t want to travel with, Harris had to debate it.

“Moira would just be so fun because you never know what would happen,” he said before Sonia pointed out the amount of luggage she would bring. “Yeah, who doesn’t want to play with wigs?” Harris quipped.

Harris finally concluded that the worst Schitt's Creek travel companion would truly be Mayor Roland N. Schitt. “You probably don’t want to travel with Roland. No one needs that backseat driver in your life,” the 47-year-old answered.

The How I Met Your Mother alum said that he didn't binge-watch the series but his husband totally did.

“To be honest, I just didn’t watch it when it started. Then my husband binge-watched it and I was slowly watching it and I got to season one episode five and then I didn’t watch it for a long time. Then all of a sudden, season six was happening and I was like, ‘la la la la la, no spoilers!” Harris said.

We’re all missing travel in Canada and Harris is giving us something to dream about with details from the new campaign with hospitality group Accor.

“The pandemic has obviously shut most travel down and so now I think that vaccines are coming up and it seems like we’re reaching a turning point. We’re working together on this thing called All Accor Live Limitless and we have an online presence with me kind of explaining how one can travel again,” he said.

Harris said that he also gives etiquette lessons on how to dress, plan and have small talk while on vacation and how to act since we have been away from hotels and resorts for a VERY long time.

“It’s all for comedy, but I think it’s fun. The Accor hotel chains are great. When I was filming The Matrix, I stayed at one in San Francisco and The Plaza Hotel in New York is an Accor hotel, so they’re all over the world. They’re great and I think it’s good for everyone to get in the mindset of travel again, safely, yes.”

Harris is *VERY* against taking your shoes off on the plane. “Before this whole pandemic happened, my husband and I were travelling somewhere, I don’t know, and we sat down in our seats and we looked over on this side and in the middle row was a guy with his girl and he had taken off his shoes and socks and he was leaning back with his feet on the table,” Harris said before adding, “what is happening in the world.” Yeah, no. Not okay. 

When the world opens up and it’s safe to travel again, Harris says the first place on his list is “somewhere very warm.”

“I’ve been missing Hawaii. We used to go to Hawaii when we were younger and lived in California because it was only a five-hour flight or something, but when we moved to New York, that’s halfway across the globe practically.”

Harris added that the “notion of travel right now is pretty intoxicating,” and we couldn’t agree more.

The Matrix 4 actor is not only busy filming his new holiday movie, but he’ll also be hosting the 29th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party with Sir Elton John and David Furnish.

“Elton and David are great old friends of ours. Not old, but great. We’ve known them for a while, and our kids have been raised with them and we usually see them every year. We haven’t for this last year, obviously, so they are famous for their Oscar viewing parties that they have in California every year with amazing performances and giant tables. It’s a huge lavish event,” Harris explained.

“I haven’t been able to attend, being on the east coast, but this year, they do it live so they’re doing a big virtual pre-Oscar party and asked me to be the host of it so it’s going to be great. Performance by Dua Lipa, some fun surprises, and it’s sort of before the Oscars start,” he said, adding that since it’s during a pandemic, they don’t have to cap the number of attendees so anyone can go and the link is available online.

“What he has done for HIV AIDS and what he and David together have done with their foundation is nothing short of remarkable,” Harris said.


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