Selena Gomez gets totally tongue tied around JLo's brilliance at 'Vax Live'

Selena is all of us.
Published May 3, 2021 9:24 a.m. EST
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Last night, some big-name celebs like Jennifer Lopez, her former fiancé Ben Affleck, Prince Harry, POTUS Joe Biden, Selena Gomez, Eddie Vedder, Foo Fighters, Chrissy Teigen, Jimmy Kimmel, Sean Penn, David Letterman and H.E.R. gathered at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California to record Global Citizen’s “Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World.”

The concert, held for frontline and healthcare workers who were fully vaccinated, will air on May 8th (so not exactly “live” but we'll give it a pass) but some outtakes have already leaked to the web. And in one adorable video, we see Selena Gomez fumbling over her words in the presence of JLo. Hey, we would too.

As we can see in this video filmed from the audience, JLo and her crew of dancers are setting up on stage for a big performance while Selena Gomez stands in front of her with a camera crew to film an introductory segment. Twice, Selena fumbles over her words and has to do a couple takes. The first time she fumbles, she apologizes to Jenny from the Block.

The second time, she seems to be mortified and says right into the microphone, “I’m just making a fool of myself in front of JLo,”

J.Lo seems to giggle at that as the does the crowd of cheering fans, but we love that Selena gets as tongue-tied around iconic legends as the rest of us do!

We’d hazard a guess that the only person not tongue-tied around JLo is her own mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, so that could be one reason Jennifer brought her out on stage to sing “Sweet Caroline” together. The other reason is that Guadalupe is adorable and needs to be praised.

Revealing that her mom used to sing that song to her as a child, JLo chanted to the crowd, “Let's sing it like a lullaby, and let's help her out!”

She then turned to her dear mother and said just loud enough so the microphone picked it up, “Sing it like you used to sing it to me!”

Guadalupe then began to sing the song but substituted “Caroline” with “Jennifer.” Ouch, my heart.

Jenny and Guadalupe weren’t the only big hits on stage. The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, also rocked the crowd, even though all he had to do was walk on stage.

Audience footage from the recording shows the entire football stadium jumped to its feet as Meghan’s husband came out. With this kind of applause, Harry is almost a rockstar. We half expected him to grab the mic a la Steven Tyler and squeal, “Let’s make some f***ing noise!”

Prince Harry actually had some important info to share, especially about the way the COVID-19 global pandemic has devastated India and millions of lives around the world.

“The vaccine must be distributed to everyone everywhere,” the Duke of Sussex said. He and Meghan are currently attempting to raise $19 billion (yes with a B!) for the vaccine-sharing program COVAX, in an effort to pay for the vaccines for medical workers.

“We cannot rest or truly recover until there is fair distribution to every corner of the world,” he said. “The virus does not respect borders and access to the vaccine cannot be determined by geography.”

US President Joe Biden echoed the Prince’s words in a video message played to the crowd. Alongside FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden, he said, “The vaccines are safe. I promise you. They work.  We’re working with leaders around the world to share more vaccines and boost production to make sure every country has the vaccines they need. If we get this done, we won’t have to miss another moment.”

Both the POTUS and FLOTUS appeared as part of the “We Can Do This” initiative to increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines.

We can’t wait to see all the performances and appearances on May 8th!

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