Pete Davidson begged Questlove to punch him for that Timothée Chalamet SNL sketch

And apparently, he lied to Alec Bladwin about that 100 pushups thing...
Published April 7, 2021 8:59 a.m. EST

Back in December, Timothée Chalamet hosted Saturday Night Live and appeared in many a sketch with Hollywood bad boy and SNL cast member Pete Davidson, forming the ultimate boyfriend team.

In fact, their oddball sketch called “XXL Rap Roundtable” where they tried their hand at Machine-Gun-Kelly-style rapping became a huge viral sensation, thanks, in part, to The Roots drummer Questlove’s cameo in the sketch. Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (weeknights at 11:30pET on CTV) this week, Pete shared that there was one detail he wasn't too happy with. He wanted Questlove to hit him for real...

Since Questlove and The Roots are The Tonight Show house band, Jimmy naturally had to ask about Questlove's acting chops. Pete applauded his comedic contribution to the mega-hit sketch, then revealed he wanted a liiiittle more from him. 

He got to hit me, which was cool,” Pete told JImmy. “I asked him if he would really hit me and he said no.”

“He told me to hit him for real! He’s like, ‘I don’t feel it! Hit me for real,’” Questlove offered from behind the drum kit, shaking his head. To be fair, punching Pete Davidson in the face is usually the subtext of his sketches (Kidding!) (Not Kidding).

When Jimmy reminded Pete that hitting someone on national television for real is kind of a bad look, Pete laughed, “I thought it’d be cool for the sketch, you can usually tell when it’s a fake hit, I wanted him to punch me in the face.”

How very method of him. Leonardo would approve.

Pete revealed another interesting BTS SNL detail in his time with Fallon. He started the interview with the story of how he was accidentally the inspiration behind Trump-impersonator (and, you know, Hollywood actor) Alec Baldwin's new workout regimine of doing 100 pushups a day??

“I was on set and Alec was hosting and it was a sketch where I had to be shirtless,” Pete began. “And I guess I’m a little bit cut or whatever…” That garnered a nervous guffaw from the audience, which Pete couldn’t let slide. “There’s no nice way to say that!”

“So he came up to me and he was like, ‘what do you do?’ And I didn’t want to be rude and say like, ‘I just still have a metabolism. I’m not in my mid-50s!’ I just wake up like this. So to make him feel better, I was like, ‘Oh man, I do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups every day!’ And he was like, ‘Got it!’”

“And then he got the Trump gig, so I would see him every week,” Pete continued. “And every time we run into each other in the hall, he’d be like, ‘100 a day!’ And he started to do it, and he lost like 100 pounds! And he says it’s all cause of me.”

You better watch out Pete. Now that Alec knows the truth, and he’s fit AF, he might not be as kind as Questlove.

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