John Oliver is a BTS ARMY now and we’re not sure what this means for Adam Driver

Fact: American Late Night hosts can’t get enough of BTS.
March 22, 2021 9:08 a.m. EST
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Political funny-man and host of Last Week Tonight (new episodes Mondays on Crave) John Oliver tends to take on an obsession with every new season of his show – last year it was actor Adam Driver, whom he repeatedly entreated to “collapse on my chest you impenetrable barrier!” It was a whole thing that ended with Adam appearing on the season finale, telling John to chill.

John may have gone cold on Adam after that and taken up a new cause célèbre, because last night, he gave a massive shout-out to Kpop supergroup BTS and believe you me, the ARMYs noticed.

During a segment about plastics and recycling, John digressed for one brief moment to school us on the glory that is Jimin. This is such an epic crossover of interests for some of us that we can’t help but think he said it specifically for us. BTS, political comedy AND environmentalism? *chef's kiss* 

“There’s not a weak link in that unbreakable chain of heartthrobs!” Oliver declared. Come on, where’s the lie?

But that’s not all, of course. He continued, “With so many people on stage, you would understand if sometimes Jimin only gave 50%, but he doesn’t! He beats up the dancefloor every night like he just caught it robbing his house.”

Naturally, BTS ARMYs were all over this, pointing out that in June of last year, while in the midst of his Adam Driver obsession, he was already starting to light it up like dynamite (woooooah).

 In a segment where he explored how Kpop fans around the world had flooded racist hashtags like #WhiteLivesMatter with videos and pictures of BTS in order to drown out the racist noise and make it harder to access, John Oliver just had to put all his cards on the table for Jungkook.

“Wow, okay,” John said, stunned. “I know I’m stating the obvious here, but Jungkook can just objectively GET IT.”

Later in the same segment, where it was revealed that the BTS army flooded a police app designed to narc on peaceful protestors, resulting in the app’s malfunction, John quipped, “That’s an interesting way to say, ‘Our app watched a thousand videos of BTS and then died of horniness.’”

It seems ARMYs everywhere are accepting their fandom's latest member with open arms. Who's sending JO his welcome package?

As some stans noticed, what we love most about this is that John isn’t out here to shame or mock Kpop fans, which is the easy route for so many Western comedians. Rather than going for that low-hanging fruit, he lets everyone know that loving Kpop is actually what’s up, and still manages to make us laugh. Yeah, Oliver, make us laugh, you bespectacled British baron of belly-laughs. (ahem). 

Now, if last season is anything to go by, this definitely means that BTS now have to appear on the season finale to confront him. They can go the Adam Driver knock-it-off route, or they can take him by the hand and give him the keys to the BTS castle, as they did with Papa Mochi (AKA James Corden). In either case – Kpop fans, make it happen and do your magic.

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