Watch Prince Harry literally spill the tea with James Corden on a double decker bus

And then RAP the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ theme and be... totally NORMAL?
February 26, 2021 8:56 a.m. EST

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry isn’t the first Brit to move to California – The Late Late Show (weekdays at 12:30pET on CTV) host James Corden did it first, and has a lot of LA knowledge to impart upon his fellow countryman – er – royalty. What followed was a day of shenanigans wherein Harry FaceTimed Meghan, revealed what kitchen appliance the Queen bought Archie, got candid about A LOT and peed at the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air house. Yes, really.

Mounting a doubledecker tour bus (Harry's never been on a bus??), the duo climbed up to the open-top second level for some sightseeing and a spot of tea – that’s when Harry spilled the tea. Literally.

Have you ever heard a royal cuss and swear? You have now!

The royal joyride covered a bunch of fun topics – Harry and Meghan’s young son Archie’s first word was “crocodile,” if you can believe it. The Queen sent Archie a waffle-maker for Christmas (you read that right). And Prince Philip has some rather rough Zoom skills. 

As their open-top tour passes by a certain iconic mansion, James made sure to take a proper detour to visit the estate – the mansion featured in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Turns out, Harry knows all the words to the iconic opening theme tune and rapped them on the spot. We hope Will Smith was watching!

Harry also was desperate to wee, so as they knocked on the front door, Harry popped in quickly to use the loo. Quick, someone make a gif of Harry sticking his head out the bathroom window to scare James pronto! Oop, there we go.

While there, James grabbed Harry’s phone to facetime with Meghan, and that’s when Meghan revealed that her nickname for her hubby is “Haz.” That is low-key adorable. Fans of MTV’s Geordie Shore (stream now on CTV) know that housemate Gary is known as “Gaz.” Yes, that’s right; Prince Harry has something in common with the Geordies. 

Harry also admitted that he knew he and Meghan had something incredibly special as early on as their second date (they famously met in Toronto and dated in the 6ix clandestinely while she was filming the TV show Suits). 

“The second date, I was starting to think this was pretty special," he said "It was just the fact that we hit it off with each other. And we were just so comfortable in each other's company."

"Dating with me, or with any member of the Royal Family I guess, is kinda flipped upside down,” the prince continued. “All the dates become dinners or watching the TV or chatting at home. And then eventually, once you become a couple, then you venture out to dinners, to the cinema and everything else. Everything was done back to front with us. So actually, we got to spend an enormous amount of time just the two of us rather than going to friends' houses or out for dinner where there were other distractions. There were no distractions and that was great, it was an amazing thing.”

“We went from zero to 60 in the first two months,” he gushed. 

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He even admitted that he appreciates the smash-hit Netflix series The Crown, despite knowing it’s not entirely accurate. “It's fictional. But it's loosely based on the truth."

"Of course, it's not strictly accurate," Harry added. "It gives you a rough idea about what that lifestyle [is like], what the pressures of putting duty and service above family and everything else.”

The topic of conversation couldn’t avoid their decision to take a step back from the Royal family and the duties therein. “It was never 'walking away,'" the prince made clear. "It was stepping back rather than stepping down, there was a really difficult environment as I think a lot of people saw.” 

“We all know what the British press could be like, and it was destroying my mental health, I was like this is toxic. So I did what any husband and what any father would do is like, 'I need to get my family out of here.'”

Recently Meghan won a court case against a British tabloid for invading her privacy and printing a private letter.

This amazing interview (it’s not “Carpool Karaoke” but it comes rather close!) ended on a high note, with the two now-bros running a military-style obstacle course not unlike the ones Harry might have done during his ten years in the British army (while James admits he’s only really BTS ARMY). If you’ve always wanted to see a royal enthusiastically crawl through mud, now’s your chance. James, on the other hand, needed a bit of coaxing.

This isn’t the last you’ll see of Harry – he and Meghan are scheduled for an interview with Oprah set to air next week! This will be hard to top, unless Oprah also makes him crawl through mud. We wouldn’t put it past her.

Watch The Late Late Show with James Corden weekdays at 12:30pET on CTV. 

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