Some of Bachelor Nation just learned about Chris Harrison’s steamy erotic novel

And Victoria wants to give him a run for his money.
January 19, 2021 8:56 a.m. EST

Group dates on The Bachelor are known to get a little risqué. Bachelorette Tayshia had her men take polygraph tests, while Clare had her men bare all in a game of strip dodgeball. Now Matt James decided that he wanted to hear some of his ladies’ sexual fantasies, and had them put pen to paper for a fun game of erotica writing (and dramatic reading). Turns out, much to the shock of Bachelor Nation, someone amongst them had done this before. Move over E.L. James, because *checks notes* host Chris Harrison has published an erotic romance novel.

As the girls were greeted by former Bachelorette Ashley I, they all blushed as she read a very eyebrow-raising passage from a book. ‘Lo and behold, that’s Chris’s book! But he’s so sweet and mild-mannered! And that passage was raunchy AF. Chris, we didn’t know you had it in ya.

Though the novel, The Perfect Letter, was published in 2015, even long-time fans of the Bachelor franchise were shocked to the core, including former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe.

In case you were wondering, the book centers on New York City editor Leigh who goes home to Texas "with all of its tangled secrets" for what is supposed to be a quick trip but she comes accross old letters she wrote to "the love of her life" and chooses to pursue her long lost love, regardless of the fact she's currently engaged to a man back in the city. Love triangle hijinks (and erotica, we presume) ensue!

But move over, 50 Shades of Chris Harrison, because the gals are here to take it to another level. Most of the readings were sweet and tender without veering into shock-territory, but Katie (who if you remember on night one greeted Matt with a vibrating dildo) got the ball rolling with a steamy, heavily-censored reading that had Matt and Chris blushing. But of course, scene-stealer Victoria made sure to write something so outlandish that even Anastasia and Christian Grey would be like, “Dang girl, you freaky.” So many censor-bleeps, we’re not even really sure what she said!

Sarah's exit

The Bachelor wouldn’t be The Bachelor without taking sharp left turns. As that group date turned into an evening cocktail party, Sarah started to show signs of struggling. She wasn’t on the group date, but after a perfect one-on-one with Matt last week, her insecurities and racing brain started to hamster-wheel and got the better of her. She just couldn’t handle the thought of Matt having a connection with another woman, and it sent her spiralling, so much so that she committed the biggest cardinal sin that every series faces – she interrupted a date she wasn’t on. Aw honey, just no.

Katie, who was having a chat with Matt at the time, graciously let Sarah speak with Matt for a moment, but unlike others, she was not going to let Sarah get away with this rule break so easily. We have to agree: fair is fair. Sarah is taking time away from other women who were on the group date to spend with Matt, even though she’s already had it pretty good so far with a one-on-one and lots of extra time. Katie walked away only momentarily, then she insisted on forcing Sarah to leave (politely of course) by *ahem* reclaiming her time. 

And just like that, in the space of one episode, Sarah went from being a fan favourite to a villain close to Queen Victoria’s status. Victoria even scolded Sarah and raised some excellent points about her behaviour, making many scratch their heads. Do we . . . agree. . . with Victoria?!

Suddenly, all of the women piled on Sarah. After spending a day in her room to compose herself, she came down to apologize to Katie and the other women for interrupting, and it did not go well. Accusations of being phoney, fake, selfish, dramatic, and manipulative flew across the room to Sarah, who spent the entire time meekly apologizing and crying. It was brutal to watch. The clique mentality took hold, and they just ganged up on her. It proved all too much for Sarah, who decided to leave.

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In a private chat with Katie, she revealed that her father has a terminal illness (which she had shared with Matt the previous week), and that he only has weeks, not months or years. So her time there felt wrong. Katie, who lost her father in 2012, empathized and even encouraged Sarah to stay. See, we knew we liked Katie for a reason. In the end, Sarah just couldn’t handle all of her competing emotions, and even though Matt told her he didn’t want to lose her, it couldn’t compel her to stay.

So we have our first walk-out of the season. But something tells us we haven’t seen the last of Sarah. It turns out that she was the “mystery woman” spotted with rapper G-Eazy last February, so we have no doubt she will land on her feet and in front of the cameras again rather soon. 

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