Jules gets the spotlight in the new ‘Euphoria’ special trailer

Plus it features a new Billie Eilish x Rosalía song.
January 20, 2021 8:59 a.m. EST
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Last time we got a special episode from Euphoria (stream now on Crave), it was back in early December for “Trouble Don’t Last Always” (alternate title “Part One: Rue”), where the episode took a major departure from the pacing and storytelling of the first season (which wrapped in 2019).

There were no loud house parties, graphic over-doses, teenage sexual encounters, or even bottles of urine strapped to Rue’s leg (you read that right). Instead, we got a beautiful two-hander episode where Rue (Zendaya) and Ali from Narcotics Anonymous (Colman Domingo) chatted for hours in an all-night diner. Now, creator Sam Levinson and HBO have dropped the trailer for the much anticipated second special episode, and even though it’s only a minute long, it’s A LOT.

Entitled “F**k Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob” (alternate title “Part Two: Jules”), it would appear that this episode will be told from Jules’ point of view. If you remember from the season one finale, Jules and Rue’s escape together was thwarted when Jules left Rue alone at the train station triggering Rue to relapse. In the first special episode, we saw Rue fantasizing that she got her happy ending with Jules. Now, we get to see what Jules has to say about that.

“Rue was the first girl that didn't just look at me,” we hear Jules (played by Hunter Schafer) say in voiceover in the new trailer. “She actually saw me. The me that's underneath a million layers of not me.”

Then a voice that sounds an awful lot like Rue asks “So why’d you run away?”

Then a cornucopia of fast-scrolling images flashes before our eyes. We see glimpses of Rue and Jules in an embrace, Jules on her trusty bicycle, Jules embraced by her father, and even perhaps some images of Jules as a child. Euphoria is hailed as one of those shows that allows us to see the traumatic childhood events that make us who we are later in life. This is why we dress this way, act this way, or even (as the show explores in detail) abuse drugs, alcohol, and sex this way. The trailer gives us just enough images to spark our interest without giving away, literally, anything. 

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Creator Sam Levinson said last month that he wrote this new special episode to force, “the audience to look at the world through her eyes and understand the burden of loving an addict.”

Also, if the music in the trailer hit you like a beautiful earworm, that’s because it’s a new track by Billie Eilish and Rosalía, composed just for the episode.

Called, “Lo Vas A Olvidar,” (which means “You will forget it” in Spanish), the track will be available everywhere the Thursday before the episode airs.

Naturally, Twitter was awash with hype and even a bit of speculation. Some eagle eyed viewers paused the trailer to figure out if one of the shots includes Jules and Nate together! Wild if true.

While speculation is high, what we do know for sure is that the special episode was directed by Sam Levinson, and actually co-written by him AND Hunter, who also served as a co-executive producer on the episode. We love a performer who also takes the reigns as well! Levinson told GQ Magazine last month that he and Hunter are actually writing a movie together, which we are so pumped for.

In 2020, Euphoria received three Primetime Emmy Awards: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Zendaya), Outstanding Contemporary Makeup (Non-Prosthetic), and Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. The next special episode airs this Sunday on Crave at 9:00 PM EST.

Euphoria keeps hitting us with the special episodes that pull at our emotions to wrench us back into the story. WHEN ARE WE GETTING A NEW SEASON, RUE?

Stream Euphoria season one on Crave now and check out the new special episode dropping on January 24 at 9pET.

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