Timothée Chalamet as Harry Styles on SNL is the internet’s ultimate boyfriend

We need the two of them to appear together, send tweet.
Published December 14, 2020 10:05 a.m. EST

Sometimes it’s hard to decide if Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet is our boyfriend, or if mega-pop superstar Harry Styles is our eternal beau. They’re both just so darn talented, charming, and stylish (and, lest we forget, yummy looking). But on Saturday, Timothée Chalamet, who was the guest host on Saturday Night Live, decided to put both sides of the coin together to form the ultimate boyfriend, as he played Harry in a sketch. Timmy Stylamet was born! (or Harée Chalyles, if you will). But the Timmy-Harry similarities didn’t end there.

During a sketch called "The Dionne Warwick Talk Show" (Attention Gen Z: she was an R&B singer in the 70s and 80s and a Twitter icon as of 2020), the legend (played by Ego Nwodim) interviewed Tim dressed as the “Watermelon Sugar” singer without having the foggiest idea who he is. When he explained to her that his song has been interpreted as an ode to oral sex on a woman, Dionne (and the internet) suddenly lit up.

In the end, even the real Dionne Warwick had to stan.

That sketch may have pointed out the obvious, but some eagle eyed fans noticed some glaring Harry Styles Easter eggs throughout the episode. Even during Timothée’s opening monologue, he did a bit eerily similar to Harry Styles’ opening monologue from his hosting stint last year.

Tim sat at the piano and tickled the ivories as he told wacky, oddball stories from his life growing up in New York City, not unlike the eyebrow-raising stories Harry told about his life growing up in the UK.

Of course, the stans picked up on it.

And naturally, there was the obvious Harry-Timmy cultural reset at the end of the show when Timothée spoke for 30 seconds on the need for each of us to be kind to one another – a phrase he acknowledged was a Harry Styles quote.

“Treat others with kindness,” he said after thanking musical guest Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. “We’ve all been through a crazy year; that can be something that sounds corny. Somebody else famous made it really well known, that saying – Harry Styles did, I impersonated him two seconds ago!”

Can we discuss this because OMG.

Welp internet, you’ve now been gifted the best Christmas present on earth. You’ve been calling for a Tim-Harry mashup for a long time (at the very least since last December when they interviewed each other over the phone), and the gods have answered your prayers.

So how about one more gift because this SNL teaser commercial also needs to be appreciated in the history books.

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