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December 7, 2020 9:50 a.m. EST
December 7, 2020 9:51 a.m. EST
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In “part 1: rue,” the first of the special Euphoria episodes that aired this weekend on Crave (stream all of season 1 now), viewers weren't faced with the usual drug addiction fare most shows and movies use to depict addicts and users. There were no EDM-infused strobe-lighted club scenes. No overdoses that required a shot of adrenaline to the heart. No violence. No sex. Not even a needle or a pill bottle in sight. Instead, there was an all-night diner. A stack of pancakes and a plate of bacon. Night owls just wiling away the twilight hours. And Rue (Zendaya) accompanied by Ali (Colman Domingo), chatting away for an hour.

That’s right; the entire one-hour episode consisted of just the two of them chatting about everything under the sun. 2020. Nike. Black Lives Matter. Their families. Their pain. Their wishes. Their mothers. Redemption. Mourning. Healing. Hope. All the good stuff. It’s not something television viewers are used to.

Zendaya said last week that she was so excited for viewers to finally get a glimpse of these special two-part episodes because of the real stories of addiction that are featured in them (one woman’s true life story is even used as the episode title). Colman Domingo took to Twitter to express the immense amount of gratitude he has for those willing to open their hearts to these stories.

“I just want to say to you guys out there who have watched this special episode of Euphoria,” he said in a video posted Sunday, “that I am so humbled and I thank you so much for all the love you’ve been giving me. I see it from every country; my friends in Brazil, my friends in France, friends all over the place. So thank you. Just know it means the world to me. I appreciate you so much. I just want to tell you that I see you. I’m so grateful that you see me.”

At first, some viewers were perplexed by the simple format of the two-hander episode. Some even went so far as to call it boring. But other viewers and fans drowned out the naysayers to express how this deep-dive into the psychology and emotional impact of addiction, especially for a young teen like Rue, really spoke to them and sparked a flood of emotions.

Spoiler alert: there were even some scenes of wish-fulfillment that at first made viewers believe Rue had gotten her happy ending with Jules (who, if you remember from the season one finale, left Rue alone at the train station, causing a relapse). But the emotions ran even higher when it was revealed these happy scenes were all a fantasy in Rue’s head.

Naturally, with such an outpouring of love, Colman had to thank everyone on social media after seeing the fans' powerful reaction.

“Woke up like it was Christmas Morning. Thank you for so much love for the special episode of @euphoriaHBO. I love the world that Sam [Levinson] creates and I love working in such detail with @Zendaya. We hope to heal souls. Happy Holidays.”Someone give Zendaya another Emmy for this, and give Colman a post-dated Emmy because the man was robbed!

Watch Euphoria season one and the two-part special episode "Trouble Don't Last Always" on Crave.

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