Demi Lovato’s changing looks at the People’s Choice Awards had fans dying and living again

Also Justin Bieber, Tracee Ellis Ross, JLo, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, and Wynonna Earp had viewers a-tweeting.
November 16, 2020 10:05 a.m. EST
November 17, 2020 1:58 p.m. EST
This year, award shows have had to get creative with their formats amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. Some have been virtual, while others have been physically distanced, so Sunday night’s E! People’s Choice Awards took the middle road by going virtual with a dash of in-person. The only real attendees were the presenters and performers, and even then they all stayed two metres apart. With a huge virtual wall of fans on either side of the stage Zooming in to watch and cheer on their favourite stars, it made for an almost seamless show.Speaking of seams, fans could not get enough of host Demi Lovato’s threads, costumes, and changing looks. Is she in a blonde wig? Oops, you blinked, now she’s back in black. Stans were dying and living again for her iconic fashion.
Her opening monologue to kick off the show was also notably epic, because she talked about literally all the gossip and drama that has been swirling around her this year. You've got to love how she can have a laugh at herself like this.“I'm so excited to be here tonight because honestly this year has been the longest three years of my life,” she joked (we think). “Don't get me wrong, it started out amazing! I performed at the Grammys and sung the national anthem at the Super Bowl. But then COVID hit and everything shut down so I did what everyone else did: I went into lockdown mode and got engaged.”Dannnnnnng. Yup fam she went there.  She even added at the end of a long list of her lockdown activities that she got “unengaged,” so you KNOW she had her tongue firmly in her cheek.In the middle of her monologue, when greeting some of the superfans on Zoom, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon broke through to tell his “BFF” how much she was killing it.“I'm going to tweet right now!” he said pulling out his phone. And yes, we have the tweet to prove it. “Uh I’m nominated for a category later in the show and I don't know if I’m gonna win so I just figured this is my only way I will be able to appear on this awards program. So anyways I want to thank my agent and my fans…” That’s classic Jimmy. Fun fact: he ended up winning for Best Nighttime Talk Show. Ya jumped the gun, Jimmy.Of course, fans and stans were loving all of the mega talent that was gracing the VIP (virtual in person) stage, not least of which, Stratford’s own Justin Bieber.  Performing two hits, “Lonely” and “Holy,” Twitter was abuzz with his killer performance.
When it comes to television, fans got mega-excited about Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross as she was awarded the People’s Choice Award for Fashion Icon, and also that Wynonna Earp (stream now on Crave) won best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show.  We can feel the love in the Zoom!
Thanking her mom (SPOILER ALERT: It’s Diana Ross) for being her fashion inspiration, Tracee said, “her example, her sense of style, her epic closet, and her glamour… introduced me to the power of fashion. After she would finish a show and the curtain would fall I would go on stage as a little girl and I would collect all of the beads that had fallen off of her sparkly dresses so that I could have pieces of the magic.”As for Wynonna Earp fans, they were virtually high-fiving and fist-bumping each other for organizing and making sure every last Earpie (is that their fan name? It is now!) voted for the show. Their hard work paid off. Of course, we cannot finish a roundup of the best of the PCAs without mentioning Jennifer Lopez, who walked away with the ICON award and was surprised by some famous friends, like Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger, and even her two kids, who gushed about her accomplishments and talent.
Of course, there was one award of the night that didn’t exactly land well. Ellen won for Best Daytime Talk Show, and uh, have the people who chose this been paying attention to 2020 or nah?

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