‘Schitt’s Creek’ makes history at the virtual Emmys with seven wins in a row

Is anyone else itching to be at that viewing party?
September 20, 2020 9:33 p.m. EST
September 23, 2020 12:00 a.m. EST
The show that’s nominated together, wins together. At least that’s the case for Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy and Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek. The show took home an award for every single category it was nominated in at the 2020 Virtual Emmys on Sunday night. Yep, Every. Single. One. And in doing so, it broke the record for most wins for a comedy in its final season. Even more impressively, it’s also the first comedy to sweep the four main acting categories in a single season.The entire cast got to celebrate together, too. As promised, Eugene Levy hosted a viewing party for the Canadian cast and crew at Casa Loma, with a swanky tented setup. No word on whether there were any seafood bars or themed drinks (Moira’s swig, anyone?), but the attendees did sit staggered at cocktail tables with masks. Even more importantly, there was a microphone in the middle, which was quickly put to good use when Catherine O’Hara won the first category of the night, Best Actress in a Comedy Series.[video_embed id='-1']Catherine O'Hara wins the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series[/video_embed] The Canadian series didn’t stop there though. Eugene Levy quickly took home the second category of the night, Best Actor in a Comedy series. And then after a passionate speech in which Eugene thanked his son, Dan himself won in the next three categories: Writing For a Comedy Series, Directing For a Comedy Series (alongside Andrew Cividino), and Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.[video_embed id='-1']Eugene Levy wins the Emmy for Best Leading Actor in a Comedy Series[/video_embed][video_embed id='-1']Daniel Levy wins the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series[/video_embed]  [video_embed id='-1']Andrew Cividino and Daniel Levy win Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series[/video_embed]The 37-year-old looked dapper in his grey kilt and matching grey mask, which he quickly ditched somewhere in the middle of O’Hara’s speech (because – all the emotions). He thanked everyone and anyone involved in making the little Canadian series that could, and his emotions were all fans’ emotions. Canada has never won this big at any American awards show, ever. Is it any wonder that #holyschitt even started trended on Twitter? The party didn’t stop there. Just as everyone was settling down from the stellar Canadian kickoff, Annie Murphy also won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. And then, because why not, the show took home the night’s seventh award too: Best Comedy. This time, someone finally flew in one of those trophies, and Dan got to hold something tangible after going seven for seven. As he should.[video_embed id='-1']Annie Murphy wins the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy[/video_embed] [video_embed id='2040093']It's a 'Schitt's' sweep at the Emmys[/video_embed]Add in the two statues that the show won on Saturday at the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony (Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Contemporary Costumes), and um… well anyone who hasn’t watched this show yet should probably get their schitt together.[video_embed id='2038778']BEFORE YOU GO: Before Dan Levy was a four-time Emmy nominee he gave Sonia a makeover[/video_embed]

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