Ben Affleck arrives in Toronto

(Photo by Sean O'Neill)
Only etalk can show you this exclusive photo of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck in Toronto.  With Suicide Squad currently shooting in the city, this sighting has fans wondering if the new caped crusader will appear in the film.  

Ben Affleck in Toronto
(Photo by Sean O'Neill)

This marks Ben’s second visit to Canada in April after his recent trip to Nova Scotia

etalk also has these exclusive sightings of Suicide Squad’s Viola Davis and Will Smith arriving to set. 

Viola Davis in Toronto

(Photos by Sean O'Neill) 

Will Smith in Toronto
(Photos by Sean O'Neill) 

And check out Jared Leto going for a bike ride around Toronto. 

(Photo by Sean O'Neill) 

Suicide Squad director David Ayer shared the first official photo of Jared as The Joker on twitter last week.  
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