Traci opens up about why Bell Let's Talk Day is close to her heart

With Bell Let's Talk Day taking place to erase stigma around mental illness across Canada and around the world, our Traci Melchor looks back to last year as she explains why it's a cause especially close to her heart. 
"That was when the crack happened, and when the dam literally broke," she says, explaining the guest during "The Social"'s live Bell Let's Talk Day show was author Lynn Keane. "She had lost her son to suicide, and she was talking about the book that day... and I was in my pre-show meeting prepping for that segment and I burst into tears."
Traci didn't end up appearing with the author on the show, and that marked the last time she was on "The Social." She says she then reached out for help and through therapy, realized she wasn't over the death of her close friend Christopher Hyndman, who had passed away in August 2015.
"I never dealt with that. I thought I dealt with it but, even now... it's always so hard to talk about him," Traci says, tearing up.
"And even these tears now, I'm like, it's okay, because if I was talking about Christopher on camera and I didn't cry, he'd be pissed off."

 Traci goes on to explain that she realized she hadn't stopped to fully cope.
"My coping skills were: keep working, keep moving, don't sit in your emotions."
Now she says she's learned to take the time to feel what she's feeling, and talk it through, especially when it comes to her kids.
"I have to include them in this. I have to tell them I'm going to be talking about it on television, so that they're prepared, and they're allowed to ask me questions."
She adds she's learned to ask for help and listen to her doctors.
"I cannot think of me asking for help as weakness. I don't," she says. "I think of it as delegation now.
"And I hate to say, because everyone says it, but on the plane, you put the oxygen mask on first, and then you put it on your child. It's like that for a reason. It saves lives. So put the oxygen mask on. But not too tight cause it'll leave a mark."