The ‘Bachelor’ bros are Hollywood pros 

Brett Melnick, Robby Hayes, Vinny Ventiera, and Jared Haibon (Photo by Daniel Joseph)

Emily Zupnik,

Calm, cool and collected. The “Bachelor” boys or “Bachelor” bros as we like to call them, are clearly in their comfort zone in the spotlight. 

Robby Hayes, Brett Melnick, Vinny Ventiera, and Jared Haibon visited Toronto Friday for TIFF’s Bachelor Party, an Eligible Magazine event, and spent almost every moment in the city doing press. 

Camera shy they are not; it’s clear having cameras and fans around them is now second nature after their experiences in “Bachelor” Nation. By the time we chatted in the late afternoon they still seemed as high energy as if it was their first interview of the day. 

At the event later that evening, the boys were quick to pose with the bevy of screaming fans willing to elbow each other for a selfie. Vinny eventually found his way to the DJ booth and Robby and Jared quickly followed him and became his backup dancers (Jared will sing along to any pop song, we can confirm). 

Talking with the boys, they were every bit as charming as they seem on TV. And their smiles (cough Robby cough) are even whiter. 

Here’s what we learned from them.

On what led them to reality TV and what surprised them most about it

Vinny: It fell in my lap. This isn’t something a lot of people get asked to do and it’s a once in a lifetime thing and I wanted to take advantage of it. And you know possibly find a wife. I was surprised with how quick things happen. Things happened a thousand miles per hour. 

Robby: My little sister nominated me without me knowing. Three weeks later I woke up to a call from L.A. and I didn’t answer it. Sure enough I got the voicemail and was going through it all and they came and definitely wanted me. So I sat down with my family and then I jumped at it.
What surprised me most is cliché. But it’s how much I learned about myself. You’re in situations that no one can imagine and it teaches you a lot about the person you are. 

Jared: One of my good friends nominated me without telling me and a little while later I got the call. I had never seen the show before except for Sean Lowe’s wedding special. So I’m roasting Sean Lowe’s wedding and then three years later I’m crying my eyes out being kicked off. I’m just super lucky I got on the show and I think one of the things that surprised me the most is how fast everything goes. Your emotions and the time you spend there. It’s a whirlwind and it goes by quick. And everything’s heightened and everything happens so fast and that’s hard to catch up with. 

Brett: I work with a bunch of woman and they kept saying I should go on the show. I went online and filled out an application for sh-ts and giggles and they called a year later and asked if I was still interested. I guess what surprised me the most was I didn’t realize how nerve wracking it would be and how awkward I’d be in front of 10 cameras. They are all around you all the time. 

(Monica Healy Photography)

On the secrets of reality TV

Each bro is very quick to defend “The Bachelor” franchise’s reputation, insisting nothing was scripted and that what you see is very much the real deal…Just like “The Hills” was real and Santa Claus is real, we’d imagine. 

When further pressed they did shed some light on the way editing and producers can sometimes sway the way the show unfolds. As Ashley I recently confirmed a lot of things are changed in the editing room. 

Robby: I spent nine hours with Jo on my hometown date. And they edit it into that little 12 minute segment in that one episode. Of course they kind of focus in on that drama stuff. So all that stuff that came up with my ex, or Chase’s parents’ divorce, or stuff with Jordan’s brother. You don’t get to see that fun, cute, flirty, stuff that we get to do. As far as portraying people for who they are -- you are who you are. But a lot of the fun stuff is left on the production floor. 

Jared: Yeah it’s hard. I feel like they try to edit it to capture the overall feel of what happened. Having said that while you’re there you are put in some really uncomfortable and shitty situations and some people don’t react well to that. 

We think we know what the uncomfortable and sh-tty situation Jared is referring to and who didn’t react well…

Jared: Ashley and I are still friends. I think that there was a lot of frustration from my end towards Ashley during the show and after the show we talked a lot about that and I talked to Caila a lot about that. I think it was just really awful situation for all three of us. I think Caila made a lot of mistakes, I think Ashley made a lot of mistakes and I think I could have done a better job. We all understand that we didn’t do well. 

On Nick the new “Bachelor”

As for the future the boys assured me while they’ve all been out on dates, they’re all still single (Vinny included). None of them will rule out future Bachelor appearances and they are all excited to see Nick as the new Bachelor. Though they did have some concerns…

Vinny: I heard a funny joke that he’ll come in second on his own show. 

Jared: My fear is that he’ll let go of someone and then propose to the other girl and say she’ll no. But that’s never going to happen because she’ll have to say yes, Nick’s a stud. 

Quick to make jokes and even quicker to laugh at each other, the “Bachelor” boys were open and honest about their experiences on the show. They also serenaded me with their rendition of Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” at the end of our chat, reaffirming they have practice turning on the charm.