Robbie Amell Reveals Wedding Secrets Including His Celebrity Guest List

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In Toronto for Comicon this weekend, CTV’s The Flash and The X Files star Robbie Amell dropped by the etalk newsroom for a candid chat with Danielle Graham. During the interview Robbie spilled some secret details on his upcoming wedding to fiancée Italia Ricci. 
“[The wedding plans] are going great.  My beautiful fiancée Italia is handling everything. I just say ‘yes, that sounds fantastic.’”
While Robbie, 27 and Italia, 29 are both from Toronto, they’ve decided to tie the knot in Los Angeles.
“It's too cold here” Robbie jokes. “We are getting married in October. Our relationship has taken place in Los Angeles. We started dating when we both lived in L.A. so it was easier to ask family to fly to L.A. then to ask our L.A. family to fly to Toronto.” 
Revealing to etalk the wedding will be fairly ‘significant’ in size, Amell is careful not to say too much, but he does drop this delicious detail.  
“I got in trouble for giving the date once in an interview like six months ago, so I avoid that at all costs. But we will be having an ice cream cake because I want a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake. And we'll be having little burgers and pizza handed around at the end because we're children.”
As for the celebrity guest list? Robbie confirms one RSVP!
“I sent an invite to Victor Garber and my fiancée freaked out.  She knows Victor, she's hung out with him a bunch of times, but she still says 'Victor Garber's coming to our wedding?' and I'm like, 'yes, he's a friend,' and she can't get past that.”
But where does one seat Victor Garber at their wedding?
“That's a really good question! Probably not with either of our families because he'll never get out of it alive!”  

Watch Danielle’s interview with Robbie Monday on etalk!
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