Watch: Serena Ryder gives us the psychic scoop on her 'Got Your Number' video

Chris Mejaski,

There's a whole lot more than pins going down in Serena Ryder's new video for "Got Your Number," when a group of psychics take over the bowling alley she's presiding over.  

"It's just a high energy video with all women psychics that are bowling with crystal balls," the Canadian singer told etalk on set, before telling us how pumped she was about production.

"This is the most excited I've been about a video ever," she said. "I feel like the more you do something, the less you have to think about it... because you become natural at it."

Serena says the song is about opening your eyes to the relationships in your life, and realizing that certain people "can be more than what you think they are." 

As the psychics in the video trade bowling balls for crystal ones, we had to ask Serena her take on psychic phenomena. 

"I believe everybody's a little bit psychic," she says. "You know, when people say, 'Oh that's a coincidence,' or 'I was just thinking about you,' it's because everybody's psychic... I think that a lot of people are naturally kind of connected to each other."

Watch Serena Ryder's new video here!

"Got Your Number" is Serena's first single off her upcoming album "Utopia," due this fall.