Grant Gustin enjoys the slower pace of filming ‘The Flash’ in Vancouver

Sheri Block,

The Flash is doing everything he can to get faster so he can take on Earth 2 villain Zoom, but actor Grant Gustin has been doing the opposite when the cameras aren’t rolling and enjoying the slower pace of filming the show in Vancouver, B.C.

As the lead character Barry Allen/The Flash, Gustin’s role is a demanding one. 

But the Virginia-born actor, who admits he was worried about the pace before starting the first season, says he’s gotten into more of a routine in Season 2.

“I had guest-starred on things and knew just what a day was.  I’d never been a series regular on anything, much less a No. 1 and just trying to grasp what it meant to do 23 episodes without stopping was a hard thing to grasp but you just have to do it,” Gustin says during a break from shooting on “The Flash’s” suburban Vancouver set.

“(Everyone says it’s a marathon), pace yourself. I’m doing it better this year I think than I did last year.” 

Gustin says filming the show on Canada’s west coast, as opposed to bustling L.A., also helps.

“First of all I’m a homebody. I love work, I’m happiest when I’m working, and I like going home and being alone. I love my people, I love my family but I don’t go out a lot. L.A. was never really my city so I love being in Vancouver and doing it up here. 

“It’s a lot easier I think to stay focused and I don’t have to see billboards of myself. I forget it’s a big popular show. It’s just kind of my job.”

On the weekends, Gustin says he enjoys walking his dogs Jett and Nora and watching football, while working on the scripts for “The Flash.”

But even though Gustin enjoys some quiet downtime, he says once he puts “The Flash” suit on he definitely feels the adrenaline rush.

“Yeah it helps me let go of myself at least. I have a disconnect, like when I see ‘Flash’ billboards … it doesn’t really feel like me … but when I put the suit on and we’re on location I get really kind of goofy and have a lot of energy.”