Which stars do Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig think are 'ridiculously good looking?'

Once you're part of the cast of "Zoolander," we expect you're pretty good at identifying who's "really really really ridiculously good looking."

So when Devon sat down with "Zoolander 2" stars Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig over the weekend, he asked them what celebs they think fit the bill. 

"I would say Susan Sarandon," Kristen responded. "I just saw her at the SAG Awards, and she is so stunning. She's amazing, I kind of just wanted to follow her around all night."

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Will didn't have much trouble adding two gorgeous Brits to his list of most beautiful people.

"I would throw in Helen Mirren," he says. "And you know who is ridiculously good looking? Adele. I was watching her video the other day. She's beautiful. She's gorgeous. Don't tell my wife."

In theatres Friday, the movie sees Ferrell return as fashion mogul Mugatu 15 years after the first "Zoolander," while Kristen Wiig joins as beauty expert Alexanya Atoz.

While she jokes about hazing from the original cast, Kristen says she couldn't pass up the opportunity to work on the film.

"There's never been a movie about the fashion world like this and I love character stuff and those movies kind of are few and far between I think," she says. 

Even more than that, she loved working with her funny friends.

"I've worked with all of these guys, except for Penelope [Cruz] who was just so lovely and so funny. And we were in Rome and it was like... it was a dream."

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