5 star-studded Super Bowl commercials you can watch right now

Super Bowl 50 is almost here, and if you're one of those viewers who looks forward to the commercials as much as the big game you're in luck -- a number of them have already hit the internet!

Here's a look at five star-studded spots to give you a head start, with more surely to come Sunday.

Helen Mirren for Budweiser

While many a football fan are likely to enjoy a brew or two this Sunday, Budweiser enlisted the help of "notoriously frank and uncensored British lady" Helen Mirren to produce this 60-second drunk driving PSA.

Dame Helen doesn't hold back and grabs our attention with her important message.

Drake for T-Mobile

Proving he has a sense of humour even beyond his "Hotline Bling" dance moves, Drizzy entertains the idea of changing his hit song's lyrics to include typical cell phone restrictions.

See also: Liam Neeson for LG

Willem Dafoe for Snickers

Mariliyn Monroe isn't quite looking like herself in this spot for Snickers, which includes a cameo from Canadian Eugene Levy.

Ryan Reynolds for Hyundai

Two friends go for a spin through Ryanville, a town fully populated with Ryan Reynolds(es).

To be honest, it doesn't matter much what they're advertising here, we'd just appreciate directions to that town!

See also: Kevin Hart for Hyundai

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for Bud Light

The two comedians get serious (well, kind of) about uniting America around Bud Light. There's a cameo from Paul Rudd, and some cheeky use of the word caucus.

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