What Liz learned about ‘Deadpool’ while playing darts with Ryan Reynolds

The Super Bowl wasn’t the only major matchup in San Francisco over the weekend -- our Liz Trinnear met up with “Deadpool” stars Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller in the Golden City and played a friendly game of darts while getting the scoop on their new movie.  

B.C. native Ryan, who produced the film, revealed why he really wanted to shoot in Vancouver.

“I got to push it to my hometown…really so I could see my mom,” he says. “But Vancouver has some of the best production facilities in the world and I really wanted to be in Vancouver and be home.” 

In the movie, Ryan’s character is given Wolverine's healing powers through a process that leaves him -- as Reynolds describes --  “looking very scarred, like a deep fried testicle.”

This required the actor to undergo hours of makeup on the days he wasn’t wearing his Deadpool mask.

“We had a few scenes where we had to do head to toe,” he explains. “I have a fight scene in the movie where I fight the guy completely naked, and it's a lot of makeup.” 

Of course, Liz had to ask what any of us would: “Did you get makeup on the man parts?”

Ryan’s response: “You have to see the movie to find out!”  

As the movie doesn’t hold back with violence, language and other adult content, Liz couldn't help but show Ryan this adorable video message from Ben’s twins pleading for a version they can watch too. 

For more, check out our Canadian exclusive interview with Ryan and T.J. tonight on etalk. 
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