From flight to invisibility: The cast of ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ reveal what superhero power they’d like to have in real life

On “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” the heroes and villains can do everything from fly, spew fire and shrink down to miniscule size. But would the cast choose the same superhero power as their characters if they could?

Ciara Renee – Hawkgirl 

Character’s superhero power: Flying

Real-life superhero power: “I feel like flying is definitely up there for me. It always has been, I love flying in planes, I love being up on roofs but I also think that being invisible would be really cool because you could sneak up and hear conversations and stuff that you’re not supposed to hear. I can’t pick. What if you were invisible and flying? (That would be) the best.”

Brandon Routh –The Atom

Character’s superhero power: Ability to shrink down to the size of a subatomic particle

Real-life superhero power: “Fly. Travel wherever you want.” 

Caity Lotz –White Canary

Character’s superhero power: Martial art master

Real-life superhero power: “In life? Flying. In the show? If my character turned into a bird and fought crime as a bird and I’m off taking some relax time - (just like) when Firestorm becomes Firestorm that’s not Victor Garber, Victor gets to chill. So my superpower would be some off time. But one of my favourite things to do on the show is fighting.”

Casper Crump – Vandal Savage

Character’s superhero power: Immortality
Real-life superhero power: “I would maybe manipulate time. If I was in trouble I’d just say stop and go on the other side and do whatever you want. Stop time.”

"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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