Laura Vandervoort on saying goodbye to 'Bitten,' fan response to the finale, and whether she'll play Elena again

Chris Mejaski,

Series star Laura Vandervoort gets why fans are going to miss “Bitten” so much, after it wrapped its three-season run on Space last weekend. 

“It’s not just a sci-fi show, it’s not just about the werewolves,” she says. “We made sure it was about the characters and their relationships. And obviously having an escape within the sci-fi realm is wonderful for audiences… but they’ve grown to love these characters and I think they’ve invested in the relationships the characters have with each other.”

Vandervoort admits “Bitten” marked one of the most special experiences she’s had working on a show too. Her first time as the lead, her character saw dramatic growth over the three seasons, this year taking on the alpha role in a pack of male werewolves. 

We caught up with Laura to chat about how she feels looking back at the “Bitten” experience, whether she’d ever want to return to the character, and what’s next. 

Last week you tweeted that you bawled your eyes out when you found out “Bitten” was ending after season three. Now that the finale’s aired in Canada, how do you feel looking back on the experience?

I obviously have very fond memories of the entire experience. I know that personally it was my first time carrying a show as a lead and I definitely grew as an individual throughout the three seasons, just trying new things on camera, and being more vulnerable and open to my character for the audience. 

We were live tweeting the finale in Canada and I didn’t expect for it to be as hard as it was for me. Because we finished shooting a while ago, we’ve said our goodbyes, but to say goodbye to the fans actually was really hard for me as well.

How did you feel about how Elena developed over the three seasons, and how her story ended in the finale?

I do think that there was quite a parallel with her growth and my growth to be honest throughout the three seasons, which worked nicely for myself. Because season one, she’s in this new world that’s very male-dominated. She’s terrified, she doesn’t know where she belongs, or who she truly is, or if she’s strong enough to get through it. And that’s how I was feeling season one with this new show. I didn’t know if I could handle everything so I sort of played off of my feelings when playing her. 

By season three Elena becomes alpha… and similar to her being empowered and taking on this responsibility, I felt like I’ve accomplished these two seasons that I’m proud of, and this third season I just want to go for it, I want to try new things and new techniques. 

Do you have any favourite on-set memories from over the three seasons?

A lot of the scenes I did with Greg Bryk who plays Jeremy -- he’s such a talented, warm, artistic brilliant man to work with. And he was really the backbone with me throughout the first season, encouraging me and chatting with me about the character and the scene. 

And there was a great scene at the end of season two with Greyson Holt who plays Clay. Elena’s dying in his arms and I don’t think either one of us had ever done a scene that intense. So during our rehearsals we just started crying and getting really emotional about it and the director had to tell us to hold it in until we started shooting. 

What’s the reaction been like from fans who watched the finale in Canada?

A lot of tear emojis. A lot of people saying they don’t want to beleive that it’s happening. They were happy with where the characters ended up in the finale. I think it was well done and well written and well rounded, hopefully giving the fans some sort of closure to where the characters were heading.

I would’ve loved to see Elena and Clay have their twins they have in the books. So that would’ve been a nice sort of flash forward. But I think that’s sort of for the fans to imagine that they will get there. 

The fans are just so great on social media with us and we always try to keep in touch and chat with them and no BS, they’re the reason we’ve worked so hard on this show.

And like any strong, engaged fanbase, “Bitten” fans mobilized with online petitions and hashtags to try to keep the show going. If there was opportunity to revisit the show in the future, would you be interested?

Oh yeah, definitely. I’d like to think the entire cast would be open to something in the future. I know they created hashtags like #howlformore to try to petition to have us come back. Sometimes that’s not enough, and there’s more to it and I would just hope that if we could come back everyone would be available. And I know we all respect and love each other enough that we would want to do it again.

You’ve also appeared on several episodes of “Supergirl” this season. How did it feel to play someone else, after playing Supergirl yourself on “Smallville”?

I’ve always wanted to return to that world, the DC world, and I had known about the show, and was excited that they finally made a series about Supergirl.

I signed on, I did three episodes this season [as Indigo] and it was a lot of fun, and Melissa [Benoist]’s great… It was a little strange when I was reading my first script and I’d read Supergirl or Kara Kent, and I’d start highlighting that. Then realized oh no wait, that’s not me.

That was the only strange thing… it was a lot of fun actually, one of the most fun characters I’ve had the chance to play actually because she’s so mentally unstable.

Any other projects fans can look out for in the future?

I’m creating a kids’ TV show. I wrote a book about four years ago, a children’s book. I would go to a lot of comic conventions and meet young girls who looked up to Supergirl and I realized at the time the action figures and that sort of thing were not the healthiest role models for girls. They were oversexualized and had unrealizstcic body types and these girls were like eight years old. 

So I thought there's nothing on television for that age group to really look up to and relate to [in terms of] someone their age with powers. So long story short, we’re in the development stage, it’s called Super Duper Delia, we’re excited, hopefully within the next year things will start moving along. Now’s the time to empower these young girls with someone they can relate to.

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