Vin Diesel's new song 'Feel Like I Do' is the unexpected bop of the season

And we're not mad — or furious — at it.
September 25, 2020 5:49 p.m. EST
September 29, 2020 9:51 a.m. EST

If Vin Diesel's Fast & Furious character Dominic Toretto is living life "one quarter mile at a time," it seems Diesel himself is now living one drop at a time — EDM drop, that is. In a career move no one saw coming, Diesel just made his official foray into the world of contemporary pop EDM with his debut single "Feel Like I Do."

Released on super-producer Kygo's label Palm Tree Records, the track was produced by Petey Martin and features Diesel’s signature, raspy voice singing about falling in love, with a beat that isn’t quite fast and furious, but... actually, pretty catchy.

On Friday, September 25, the beloved actor-turned-popstar debuted the song on The Kelly Clarkson Show, offering the audience a glimpse into his recording studio. Donning a pair of oversized shades and a sports jacket, Diesel said, “Kelly, I am so honoured to be able to debut my music on your show… because you, since you first won American Idol until today, have somehow maintained your authenticity.” Respect.

Vin went on to add, “I am blessed that on a year I would normally be on a movie set – which, as you know, that’s not possible – I have another creative outlet. Another way to show you, or share with you, my heart.”

[video_embed id='-1']RELATED: Did Vin Diesel let slip that he’s in the ‘Avatar’ sequels? [/video_embed]So, clearly, we aren’t the only ones who took up some new hobbies over quarantine. Only, Diesel releasing a song on Kygo’s label seems significantly cooler than our attempts at learning TikTok dances or baking bread… but, we digress.According to the star, Kygo was one of the first people who believed in him. And, while the collaboration is certainly a surprise to many, it should be noted that Diesel has voiced his love for music (specifically, singing) before.In 2013, the man known around the globe for his action-movie personas uploaded a video crooning along to "Stay" by Rihanna. The sweet clip was meant as a Valentine’s Day tribute to his partner, Paloma Jimenez and, understandably, caught the interest of fans immediately.

In the following years, Diesel continued to show off his vocal talents, both online and on stage, including a heartfelt rendition of “See You Again” in honour of Paul Walker at the 2015 MTV Music Awards. So, perhaps, this transition was bound to happen sooner or later.

Oh, and in case you missed the virtual audience members of The Kelly Clarkson Show dancing along to the new track, here you go. It’s incredible:

Next up, a collaboration with Ludacris?

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