These DJs are making quarantine clubs the new way to party while self-isolating

Proof that a party for one can still hit.
March 26, 2020 1:29 p.m. EST
March 31, 2020 1:43 p.m. EST
COVID -19 may have shut down the club scene but dance fans are finding a new groove online. Call them Quarantine Clubs or Isolation Jams, Instagram users are calling them big fun and these are the online dance parties making us groove.

DJ D-Nice

What started out as a set for friends in his kitchen has quickly turned into the hottest ticket in town, sometimes attracting stadium-sized crowds. D-Nice is also credited with starting the Club Quarantine movement. His playlist includes nothing but hit soul, hip hop and R&B—basically everything to make you dance—but sometimes he plays a little something just for you and bae. Why should you login? It's a party y'all, and you can be a wallflower without judgement. Bonus: his hat game is strong. And if you're a starwatcher, D-Nice has everyone from Michelle Obama to Oprah, Halle Berry, The Rock and Questlove stopping by, or just plain praising, his amazing sets. Oh, and you never know when the party is going to end since D is having as much fun as his listeners, so there's no telling when he's playing the last song.[video_embed id='1928815']RELATED:Musicians are doing more than just live streaming from their living room to help[/video_embed]

DJ Starting From Scratch

If you're busy working, either at home or bravely out in the field helping with essential services, and can't tune into for a nightly show, come on the weekend and take some time to relax and feel the love from the one and only DJ Starting From Scratch. The homegrown but internationally-known talent is making people sweat to his crazy mixes, with a playlist that's a mix of pop, R&B and hip hop.

Calvin Harris

If you desire a little more tech with your isolation jam, look no further than Calvin Harris. The man who gave us "One Kiss" makes sure his party also lives on thanks to YouTube so you can have encore performances whenever you like. And if you didn't already know, Calvin is giving you straight dance beats that will get your heart rate up the way going to the gym would. Calvin also adds a little production value with his club-like effects and he's open to listener feedback if you want to slide into the comments.It seems that more DJs are throwing their own quarantine parties every day and finding a way for people to connect over the universal language of music. Who knows which artist will throw the next one or which bold-name talent will pop by for a set.[video_embed id='1927603']RELATED: Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen join PM Trudeau’s efforts to flatten the curve[/video_embed]

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