The Dixie Chicks are back with searing single ‘Gaslighter’

The trio confirmed a release date for their first album in 14 years.
March 5, 2020 11:16 a.m. EST
March 9, 2020 9:09 a.m. EST
The drought is finally over. After years of speculation and teasers, the Dixie Chicks have officially announced their first album in 14 years with Gaslighter, set to be released on May 1 and guess what—they're still mad as hell and have returned to make unapologetic country music that rocks. The band debuted the title track on March 4, complete with a music video aimed at rallying the troops.Written by band members Natalie Maines, Emily Robinson, Martie Maguire and producer Jack Antonoff, “Gaslighter” is an anthemic track that takes aim at those who manipulate information to make victims feel as though they are in the wrong. The term was coined way back in 1938 by playwright Patrick Hamilton, but it resurfaced recently and became one of biggest buzz words during the 2016 presidential election thanks in part to this viral Teen Vogue article about Trump.The new song is inspired by Maines' divorce from husband Adrian Pasdar, who requested spousal support and demanded the court give him her unreleased music, with Pasdar apparently concerned that Maines’ music would violate a confidentiality agreement between the couple. Lines from "Gaslighter" like “We moved to California and we followed your dreams / I believed in the promises you made to me / Swore that night 'til death do us part / But you lie-lie-lie-lie-lied” definitely appear to be about the Heroes actor. The rest of the song also seemingly references Pasdar’s request for financial support as well as accusations of infidelity. In short; don’t mess with a Dixie Chick.
The band’s last album was 2006's Taking The Long Way, which included the iconic single “Not Ready To Make Nice.” The song was written about the devastating backlash following Maines’ 2003 statement during a concert in the U.K. when she said the group was ashamed that George W. Bush, who was the U.S. president at the time, was from their home state of Texas. Country radio stations refused to play the Dixie Chicks following Maines’ remark and there were public Dixie Chick album burnings throughout America. “Not Ready To Make Nice” went on to win Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Country Performance By a Group or Duo at the 2007 Grammy Awards, but the backlash against the band continued to affect the women, as seen in the 2006 documentary Shut Up And Sing.[video_embed id='1876450']These are the most anticipated albums of 2020[/video_embed]Thankfully, the ladies didn’t totally disappear during their almost decade and a half break between albums. In 2010, sisters Maguire and Robinson formed Court Yard Hounds and released two albums. Maines debuted her first solo album Mother in 2013. The Dixie Chicks continued to tour during this time, playing Canadian and European dates in 2013 for the Long Time Gone Tour. At the 2016 Country Music Association Awards, all three members of the Dixie Chicks performed Beyoncé’s country song “Daddy Lessons” with the Texas singer and in 2019, the band appeared on Taylor Swift’s album Lover on the emotional ballad “Soon You’ll Get Better.”Then about a year ago, photos of the group with frequent Swift collaborator Jack Antonoff appeared on Maines' Instagram page and soon enough, the countdown to new music was on.And now, it's officially time to get excited about what fans can expect from the forthcoming record. “Our last album was the most personal and autobiographical we’ve ever been,” said Maines told Rolling Stone. “And then this one is 10 times that.”[video_embed id='1913978']BEFORE YOU GO: It may be called 'American Idol', but Canada is well represented [/video_embed]

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