Tegan and Sara's memoir 'High School' is getting a TV series adaptation

And Clea DuVall is attached.
October 20, 2020 6:12 p.m. EST
October 20, 2020 7:11 p.m. EST

High school is hard. Though it’s a distant memory for many, every so often a coming-of-age story depicting the tumultuous and ever-evolving lives of a younger generation comes around, and stokes the fire of nostalgia. Suddenly, we can’t help but to remember the first loves, the laughs, the awkward moments, and the growing pains we experienced so many years ago. And now, Tegan and Sara are giving us a new reason to reminisce on our teenage experiences, by sharing theirs on the small screen.

Beloved Canadian indie rockers Tegan and Sara are developing a new coming-of-age comedy series High School, based on their bestselling memoir of the same name. Deadline reports that the series will take fans on a journey through the Calgary-raised sisters' first loves and first songs, set against the backdrop of ‘90s grunge and rave culture.The series, which was recently put in development by IMDbTV, will be executive produced by Clea DuVall, who will also write and is set to direct the pilot episode. Tegan and Sara Quin will also executive-produce the project, alongside Plan B Entertainment and Amazon Studios. The memoir, which came out last year, was released on paperback in Canada earlier this month.

Tegan and Sara took to Twitter on Tuesday to share the news, and even (jokingly) provided fans with Sara’s “audition tape” to, well, play herself on the TV show.

In a new interview with the duo about the paperback release of High School, Tegan and Sara open up about why they wanted to share their teenage stories with fans, and reflect back on that time in their lives.

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Sara tells etalk that she and Tegan had this “creepy foreshadowing” early on in their lives and careers where they just knew, one way or another, they were going to be rock stars. “That’s not made up. We have the evidence in notes we wrote to our friends being like, ‘WE WILL BE ROCKSTARS,’” explains Sara.

They also admit that, contrary to fan assumption, they weren’t exactly best friends growing up. “We terrorized each other,” explains Tegan. “We would fight over the phone, and clothes, and friends. And anyway, we just thought it would be really cool to sit down and write that story. So, we did.”

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