Stevie Nicks just paid Harry Styles the greatest compliment of all time

Styles can go his own way.
March 24, 2020 11:12 a.m. EST
March 24, 2020 1:58 p.m. EST

Stevie Nicks is one of the greatest musicians and songwriters of all time, so for an artist to even be acknowledged by the Fleetwood Mac singer feels like winning a Grammy, a Brit Award, and being on the cover of Rolling Stone all at once. For Harry Styles, his hero Stevie Nicks has now become his close friend and recently gave the British popstar the greatest musical compliment. According to Nicks, Harry Styles’ Fine Line is his Rumors. Dreams.

Nicks tweeted a typewritten message on Monday, which included some whimsical doodles and her signature, because of course. Giving her followers a break from the constant onslaught of stressful and anxiety-inducing news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicks writes “Dear Everyone, I know you are doing everything you can to help the situation we are all in. I am staying in with my goddaughters and my assistant Karen —  and all our dogs, Lily, Luna and Mana — trying to think of creative things to do.” The award-winning Nicks said that she’s recently unpacked all her paintings and drawings, finding a spark of inspiration from her friend Harry Styles.

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“Listening to music (mostly Harry Styles’ Fine Line) and being inspired by him to write some new songs and poetry. Way to go H.~ it is your Rumours…” That sound you just heard was Harry Styles’ jaw hitting the floor.

For those who are still reading this and haven’t immediately begun downloading Style’s 2019 album Fine Line, Nicks ended her note by saying “Just Dance. This will pass. Love will find a way. It always does.” Nothing soothes like words by Stevie Nicks.

Styles’ Fine Line debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 at the end of 2019 and has included the singles “Lights Up,” “Watermelon Sugar,” “Adore You” and his most recent release, “Falling.” Breaking the record for the biggest debut by a male English artist ever, Styles performed tracks from the album as the host and music guest on the November 16 episode of SNL and at the 2020 Brit Awards.

Nicks' compliment to the former One Direction member is about as big as it gets, considering one, it came from Stevie Nicks and two, she’s comparing Fine Line to a record that won Album of the Year at the 1978 Grammy Awards. Lauded as one of the greatest rock pop albums of all time, Rumors included the massive singles “Dreams,” “Go Your Own Way” and “Don’t Stop.” A longtime fan of Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, Styles has previously performed “The Chain” from Rumors in concert several times.

The pair first met backstage at a 2015 Fleetwood Mac concert and were introduced by Mick Fleetwood, who became friends with Styles after bringing his teen daughters to a One Direction concert. The group remained close and Styles performed “The Chain” with Fleetwood Mac in 2018 when they were honoured with the MusiCares’ “Person of the Year” award. In 2019, Nicks chose Styles to introduce her during her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an announcement that surprised many who were unaware of the pair’s friendship. It’s a friendship that is so tight that Styles simply laughed when Nicks miscredited him as a member of NSYNC. If Stevie Nicks says you were in NSYNC, you were in NSYNC.

During a March 2020 interview on The Howard Stern Show, Styles spoke more about his friendship with Nicks, revealing that the singer has visited Styles at his London home along with her friends to listen to Fine Line before it was released. “It was pretty crazy,” remembered Styles. “So, I'd just kind of finished the record, and she said, 'Oh I want to come hear the album.' And she was with, like, all her ladies. A little witches coven. And then they all came back to the house and I played them the album.”

Styles said his years of living as a popstar hadn’t prepared him for a listening session with Nicks. “And they're so used to living nocturnally. You know, they wake up really late and then they kind of live through the night because they're, you know, witches,” said Styles. “So, it's getting to like 3 a.m. playing the album, I'm like, 'I'm kinda tired' and they're, like, right in their prime. They're really like, 'Oh this is like daytime for us.'" Styles added that Nicks has a few notes for the record, some he took and some he decided to not change. It appears she still liked Fine Line, regardless.

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