One Direction has something special planned for their 10 year anniversary

Yes, it includes Zayn!
July 16, 2020 12:42 p.m. EST
July 19, 2020 12:00 a.m. EST
1D fans rejoice! It’s been a full decade since the boyband One Direction launched into the stratosphere with their appearance on the British variety competition show, The X-Factor, and they’re in a celebrating mood. Looks like Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and, yes, even Zayn (omg) have something special planned for their dedicated fan base. Even though the fab five became a foursome in 2015 when Zayn quit the band, and the rest of 1D have been on a permanent hiatus for 4 years while they pursue solo projects, they haven’t forgotten their roots. Mark your calendars for July 23rd.According to their PR agency Simon Jones, the band will launch a special 10th anniversary website that will offer interactive playlists and special retrospectives on the band’s career and their relationship with their fans. Plus, the boys will record a special video for their fans exclusively for the website.
“The site will take the form of a timeline charting the history of the group, from the first audition right up to the start of their hiatus. It will host an archive of music videos, artwork, TV performances, behind-the-scenes and rarely-seen content, all in one place,” the agency posted in an official statement.[video_embed id='1829771']RELATED: Niall Horan asked Shawn Mendes for restaurant recommendations in Toronto[/video_embed]“Fans will also be able to generate their own shareable ‘mixtape’ playlist on the site, which will be personalized according to how they’ve interacted with the site’s content and the eras they’ve spent the most time exploring. It will also allow fans to connect to Spotify or Apple Music, with the mixtape playlists being saved to their respective accounts.”The statement continued, “A brand new anniversary celebration video for YouTube will also be released on 23rd July. The video will document highlights of the band's career, from forming on The X Factor to releasing their single 'History', including clips from music videos, performances and candid behind the scenes video content. And of course the special relationship they have with their fans.”News broke earlier this year that the fivesome were in discussions to how they could celebrate the milestone, but felt that a tour, reunion, and new full album were unlikely and probably not feasible due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. According to The Sun, the remaining four members even followed Zayn on social media again.Harry Styles, during a recent hosting stint on SNL, professed his love for his former bandmates, although he may have called Zayn “Ringo.”[video_embed id='-1']BEFORE YOU GO: Fisherman thought he caught a catfish, he was very wrong[/video_embed]

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