Miley Cyrus teases new music

'Meet Miley Cyrus... again.'
August 5, 2020 12:08 p.m. EST
August 8, 2020 12:00 a.m. EST
It’s been more than a year since fans have heard fresh music from Miley Cyrus, but thanks to new social media posts from the singer, it seems as though people are about to get an earful. In fact, we already are.The “Wrecking Ball” performer took to Twitter and Instagram on August 4 to share a throwback clip from her 2007 music video for “Start All Over.” You know the song—from the "Miley" side of the two-disc Hannah Montana 2 duo album. Disc One was your typical Hannah Montana Disney show fare (featuring bangers like "Nobody's Perfect" and "Life's What You Make It") and Disc Two, called Meet Miley Cyrus, had a slightly less "Hannah" sound with Cyrus singing and writing under her own name.“Meet Miley Cyrus…. again,” Cyrus captioned the throwback clip along with the hashtags #SheIsComing and #ButForRealThisTime. She followed up that post a few hours later with a quick clip of a new song, titled “Midnight Sky,” on August 5 which she captioned “TEASE.” A couple hours later, Miley followed up the cryptic clues with real concrete information. Sharing what looks to be album art on her social media channels, Cyrus revealed that fans can hear an exclusive teaser of "Midnight Sky" on the freshly-launched video app, Reels—Instagram's answer to TikTok. In another post, the singer shared a photo with Dua Lipa and music producer Andrew Watt. "Dua has heard what you haven’t," she captioned the post. Both Lipa and Watt have posted similar photos, with Watt supposedly revealing that the track will have disco influences.While Cyrus has yet to share a drop date, fans have good reason to believe these hints mean there is lots of new music coming soon. In 2019, Cyrus promised three new releases: She Is Coming, Here, and Everything, which would collectively make up one album. The singer revealed what to expect in a February 2019 interview with Variety, revealing that the new tracks would feature collaborations with artists like Shawn Mendes and Cardi B.A month later, Cyrus also spoke with Australian radio show host Smallzy and said that she was excited about the new music. “I am getting super close, I am feeling the urgency. I am definitely actively on it and ready to go," she revealed. "I've got some music that is sounding super rock and roll and I'm just excited to share, but not too much longer," she also said, adding that there are “Joan Jett vibes” to some of her songs.[video_embed id='2007723']RELATED: Unpacking Beyoncé's 'BLACK IS KING' visual album [/video_embed]However, following the release of She Is Coming in May 2019, future releases appeared to have been put on hold as Cyrus underwent vocal cord surgery. That wait might explain the "#ButForRealThisTime" part of Cyrus’s posts. Whether the Hannah Montana throwback is a hint at what to expect from the new release or simply a way to tug on fans’ nostalgic heartstrings is unclear. Either way, fans are clearly excited… and speculating. Since stay-at-home orders hit in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Cyrus has been keeping plenty busy at home. In addition to her apparent studio time, the 27-year-old also launched her Bright Minded Instagram serieskilled it at the Global Goal: Unite for Our Future concert; spent time delivering meals to healthcare workers (with BF Cody Simpson); and revealed she is newly sober.“It’s been really important for me over the last year living a sober lifestyle, because I really wanted to polish up my craft,” Cyrus told Variety in June. “The thing that I love about it is waking up 100%, 100% of the time. I don’t want to wake up feeling groggy. I want to wake up feeling ready.”She’s not the only one who’s ready: from the hundreds of thousands of fans who have already reacted to the new music teases, it seems like her followers are most definitely feeling ready for more Creative Miley too.[video_embed id='2007720']BEFORE YOU GO: Why there needs to be more context in the coverage of Kanye West [/video_embed]

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