Mick Fleetwood joined TikTok to recreate that viral 'Dreams' video

Cranberry juice included.
October 5, 2020 11:36 a.m. EST
October 8, 2020 12:00 a.m. EST
It has been more than four decades since supergroup Fleetwood Mac released their massive single “Dreams,” and the song continues to gain new lives thanks to social media. The latest resurrection of the song involves TikTok, a broken-down car, a skateboard and some refreshing cranberry juice. Now, Fleetwood Mac founder Mick Fleetwood has put his own spin on the new viral video. This is the kind of feel-good news stories we desperately need in 2020.In September, Idaho resident Nathan Apodaca shared a TikTok of himself skateboarding onto the on ramp of a highway while lip synching to the 1977 single “Dreams” from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album. Enjoying a full-sized bottle of cranberry juice during his ride, Apodaca’s video, which was uploaded on September 25, already has 4.1 million likes. Fleetwood Mac’s official Twitter account retweeted Apodaca’s video on September 26, writing “We love this.” And now, Mick Fleetwood has gone one step further and joined TikTok to recreate Apodaca’s impressive singing, drinking, riding and vibing feat.[video_embed id='2044336']RELATED: This hilarious TikTok sums up 2020 perfectly[/video_embed]Posting the video on his own Tik Tok account, Fleetwood rides along while enjoying the refreshing taste of Ocean Spray’s cranberry-raspberry flavour and the soothing sound of Stevie Nick’s vocals. Apodaca commented on Fleetwood’s video on TikTok, writing “Yo so dope an blessed steady vibin homie.” Fleetwood has responded and suggested a future collaboration, writing “Maybe when all this Covid business is over we can create one together.” Posting under the handle @420doggface208, Apodaca spoke to TMZ about his video and said he filmed his ride to his shift at the potato factory where he works after his car broke down. Apodaca said he keeps his long board in his car in case he needs help getting to work. Since the video has gone viral, Apodaca has received $10,000 in donations, which he says he’ll split with his mother and use to buy clothes for his daughter and a washer and dryer for his girlfriend. Apodaca is also planning on using the money to upgrade his car and the RV where he’s currently living, which doesn’t have running water. Ocean Spray, if you’re looking for a new spokesman, we have your guy. Apodaca’s video has resulted in a huge boost for “Dreams” and placed the song in the top 25 on Spotify’s streaming chart. This is the second time a viral video helped put the 43-year-old Rumors song back on the charts in the 21st century. In April 2018, a video of the Alcorn State University Golden Girls dancing to “Dreams” went viral and resulted in the single hitting the number 14 spot on the Billboard Rock Chart. Stay vibin.[video_embed id='-1']Before you go: Corgi tries his paw as a TikTok influencer[/video_embed]

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