Mandy Moore announces first album in over a decade

Worth the wait.
January 14, 2020 9:19 p.m. EST
January 14, 2020 9:24 p.m. EST
It may only be Tuesday, but so far this week, a lot is happening in the This Is Us universe. And by a lot, we mean some epic guest star announcements for season 4, and some equally epic music announcements that promise to bring our favourite on-screen stars off the screen and onto our favourite playlists.Yesterday, Chrissy Metz (who plays Kate Pearson on the show) announced a record deal with Universal Music Group Nashville, and today, co-star Mandy Moore has made her long-awaited return to the music biz official. Like, officially, official — Instagram post, album, tour dates and all. Even better? The announcement was a package deal: dates, details, and a new single Save a Little For Yourself for fans to enjoy. Did we mention there’s a music video, too?Honestly, we’re kind of over stimulated right now but we definitely aren’t complaining. We’ve been waiting for this day since, well, 2009…For those who need a refresher, before blossoming into the actress we’ve come to know and love on the show that continuously makes us cry (but keeps us coming back for more), Moore launched her music career in 1999. Her first album gave us her hit debut single Candy, while her second studio album had us singing along to I Wanna Be With You in the 2000s. Later came Mandy Moore, Coverage, Wild Hope and, eventually, Amanda Leigh in 2009. But now, we (finally!) have some new material to look forward to, with her latest album Silver Landings.[video_embed id='1875773']What to expect when 'This Is Us' returns—and why it involves John Legend[/video_embed]Moore’s return to music comes as no surprise. Not only does her character, Rebecca Pearson, show off her vocal talents during flashbacks on This Is Us, but Moore released When I Wasn’t Watching in September, followed by I’d Rather Lose. In her Instagram post announcing the album, Moore told fans “It feels so good to be stepping assuredly into this next chapter of my life as a woman and performer, with an album of songs I couldn’t be more thrilled with or ready to share. Having music back in my life makes me feel like a more complete version of myself, in ways I wasn’t even expecting.”
When asked about her latest single, Save a Little For Yourself, Moore said in a statement “Sometimes writing a song feels like giving myself the advice I know I need the most and it’s often the hardest to heed. It makes the song almost a mantra of sorts—something I know I’ll continue learning because it bears repeating.”Out March 6th, Silver Landings is produced by Mike Viola and even features her husband, Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith (power couple vibes). Until then, you can catch her on This Is Us Tuesdays at 9/10mt on CTV. You know what they say — some things are just worth the wait, and Mandy… we will always wait for you.[video_embed id='1875127']Justin Hartley and his 'This Is Us' team celebrate at the Critics' Choice Awards[/video_embed]

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