Kevin Jonas jokes new JoBros music 'might create more children'

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May 15, 2020 11:17 a.m. EST
May 15, 2020 12:07 p.m. EST
If “What A Man Gotta Do” is the leading earworm of 2020, then the Jonas Brothers’ newly released anthems “X” and “Five More Minutes” could very well be the year’s official baby-making soundtrack. Or at least it might be according to Kevin Jonas, who joked recently that his family’s new music will help create more children.The 32-year-old singer recently stopped by Scott Tweedie’s E! News Instagram series, HappE! Hour to dish about the May 15 release of the two singles. In talking about the songs he revealed that his wife Danielle Jonas is quite into them. So into them, in fact, that there could be a new Jonas baby in the near future. “This song might do it! This song might create more children," he said. "I don't know, we'll see. It's a good one."Currently the couple, who wed in 2009, have two children together: six-year-old Alena and three-year-old Valentina. If the plan was to have another kid every three years then a pregnancy announcement would very much be on track for them. Or maybe new JoBros music will contribute to ongoing baby fever that seems to have gripped Hollywood this year.In the interview, Kevin also revealed that the brothers are “really pumped” about the release of “X” since it was also featured in the credits of their Happiness Continues doc. "It's awesome, it's a collaboration as well with Karol G," Jonas said. "I'm the most excited about this song coming out. I've been waiting a long time." The JoBros also put out new track, slow-tempo jam "Five More Minutes," on the same day.
And it seems like some time apart really did this trio good. Although Kevin said that they had to have some “real conversations” before deciding to come back together to do new music, he also revealed that they’re “stronger together” now and closer than ever. "But, even more so than that, I really wanted my family to be able to witness me and the Jonas Brothers again. I felt like it was important, when the opportunity was raised, that I get to be on the road and have fun," Kevin added. "Me and Dani both missed it."As fans will recall, the boy band shocked the world when they announced they were cancelling their tour and themselves in October 2013. "To call it 'creative differences' is almost too simple," Nick Jonas opened up to Sunday Morning last year. "I think a lot of people lost the appetite for what we were putting into the world. So, you know, we were putting up shows that weren't selling. We were making music that I don't think we were all super-proud of, and it wasn't connecting. And on top of that, the root of all these real issues was that our relationship was becoming strained."It's like they say: distance makes the heart grow fonder and new Jonas music makes the babies. Or, something like that.[video_embed id='1735139']RELATED: eople are commenting on Nick Jonas’ “dad bod"[/video_embed]

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