Justin Bieber tweeted something mysterious and fans are freaking out

Bieber wants us to mark our calendars…
September 11, 2020 6:51 p.m. EST
September 15, 2020 1:06 p.m. EST
A lot of things could happen in "one week" — especially if you’re Justin Bieber. Or so, we would assume. Friday, Biebs took to Twitter to drop an especially cryptic tweet that alludes to… well, something. Something, is happening. In "one week," to be precise. “ONE WEEK," Bieber wrote. That’s it. That’s the tweet.And, it would appear, two words is all it takes to work a worldwide network of Beliebers into an online frenzy. Soon after, Bieber’s long-time manager and friend joined in on the fun, retweeting the star’s message with the shifting eyes emoji (because of course, an emoji speaks a thousand words in 2020) and the hashtag #newerabegins??? So, what’s in store? We know it's new music because Justin's follow-up tweet was a pre-order link on a site called JBsoon.com. But do we have some classic, solo Biebs coming down the pipeline, or an epic collaboration (another Ed Sheeran link-up)? Can we expect a few new singles, or an entire new album of work? Notably, some fans are even speculating (although we aren’t entirely sure what prompted this theory) that Bieber could be working on a collaboration with BTS.Honestly, we have so many questions.[video_embed id='2032816']WATCH: Director X explains how Justin Bieber ended up in Drake and DJ Khaled's 'Popstar' video[/video_embed]After all, Biebs has hardly been off our radar over the last few months. Over the lockdown, fans have been treated to plenty of ‘behind the scenes’ glimpses into the life of Justin Bieber (and his family) with credit to the ‘Biebers on Watch’ series and his active social media presence.Bieber also recently shared a cover of K-Ci and Jojo's "All My Life," and made an unexpected (but definitely hilarious) cameo in Drake and DJ Khaled’s “Popstar” video. And by cameo, we actually mean he had the starring role as a ‘stand-in’ for Drake who, in the video, was avoiding Khaled’s increasingly urgent requests to film the music video with him. Who knew Bieber would make such a perfect, viral-worthy stunt double for Drake?Oh, and let’s not forget that just last month, Scooter posted videos of both Bieber and Shawn Mendes (yes, in the same room), alongside Tori Kelly, while playing the piano. Could this be the collaboration he’s planning on dropping? Is this the #newera?
It seems we’ll just have to wait (one week) to find out.[video_embed id='2033316']WATCH: ‘Scream 5’ is coming together[/video_embed]

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