Is it too late to nominate Harry Styles’ ‘Adore You’ for movie of the year?

The mystery of 'Eroda' is uncovered in the cinematic new video.
December 6, 2019 8:19 p.m. EST
December 6, 2019 8:19 p.m. EST
Normally, we love Fridays, but today we adore them thanks to Harry Styles and his music video for 'Adore You,' a single from his highly anticipated sophomore album, Fine Line.The Dave Meyers-directed video opens with a narration by singer Rosalía, describing the imaginary, frown-shaped Isle of Eroda. As the sounds of 'Adore You' begin to play, the video goes on to tell the story of a boy (played by Harry Styles) with million-watt teeth (a.k.a. a killer smile) who ultimately teaches the glum people of Eroda how to smile again by using a — wait for it — magical fish.We admit, the nearly 8-minute isn’t at all what we initially pictured in our minds when we first heard 'Adore You.' We envisioned Harry Styles, standing in a black tuxedo, serenading us with a dozen roses. While we would still adore to see THAT happen IRL, we’ve got to say... the storytelling, the various Harry Styles outfit changes, and the amazing visuals make this music video so much better.
If that wasn't enough, what really takes this release up a notch is that the 'Adore You' music video is also the outcome of an extremely clever marketing campaign with the hashtag, #VisitEroda (hint: “Eroda” is “Adore” spelled backwards). It all started last month, when a verified Twitter account released the post below: From there, the Internet was filled with mysterious content about visiting the fictional Isle of Eroda, that sent users in a frenzy to crack the code. Turns out, it was all an elaborate, brilliant ruse to pump up Harry Styles fans for his album release."The campaign was many months in the making and essentially this is the world that Harry and Dave Meyers built in the brilliant video... they built this incredible, dreamy world with all these different characters and stories and super-strong storytelling, a lot of emotion and interesting messages," Manos Xanthogeorgis, of Columbia Records, tells Billboard. "And then our job was to build this online and build this story and create anticipation for what was to come."WELL. They certainly had us fooled.
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ADORE YOU. OUT NOW. Link in Bio.

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What a clever campaign indeed. While we won't be packing our bags and setting sail to Eroda any time soon, we're perfectly fine re-watching this video on repeat.  Harry Styles' upcoming album, Fine Line, arrives December 13.[video_embed id='-1']RELATED: Harry Styles to produce sitcom based on his life.[/video_embed]

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