How do we get a seat at Taylor Swift’s flower girl table?

Taylor's new Blake Lively-directed music video makes the kids' table look like way more fun than actually getting married.
November 15, 2021 1:56 p.m. EST
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Just hours after performing the full 10-minute rendition of "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, Taylor Swift announced she would be dropping the music video for Red Vault track, "I Bet You Think About Me." So Monday morning, just as Blondie said, fans got the IBYTAM grand premiere with a video directed by none other than Taylor bestie and Ryan Reynolds keeper, Blake Lively. As if a 15-minute long short film last week wasn't enough. 

Serious question: does Taylor ever relax for even like 10 minutes?

Taylor and Blake definitely took the red theme from her Red (Taylor's Version) album to all new heights (she did call it the "reddest video ever") in this wedding day romp that features Whiplash actor Miles Teller as the guy who just can't stop thinking about Taylor at his own wedding.

Teller plays a groom, who at various points throughout his wedding day tries in vain to enjoy himself and a day dedicated to his bride. From pre-ceremony preparation to cocktail hour to the ballroom reception, a blood-red Taylor Swift is constantly ruining his picture-perfect white wedding.

Taylor, naturally, is sneaking through his mind—sabotaging the wedding cake by plunging her fingers into it (revealing a red velvet cake under the icing, of course), giving the best man speech in a stunning red suit and guzzling white wine (why white??). She then teaches the flower girls how to flip the bird to the bewildered and confused groom. Side note: how do we get in on that adorable flower girl table? Why would we care about the groom at all when it's possible to sit with Taylor Swift while she makes walrus tusks out of straws? 

As Taylor croons the lyrics all about a man who still thinks about her even though he's run off with another woman, the groom finds himself in a dream sequence, where he fantasizes he married Taylor instead, and as he grips her dress and leans in, the song stops and all we can hear is quiet breathing and heartbeats. 

But Taylor doesn't let him off so easily, and the red theme seeps into his daydream, as she taunts him once again with what he lost.

For those already obsessed with those gorgeous dresses—those are custom couture by Nicole + Felicia. As Aretha once said of Taylor, "Great gowns. Beautiful gowns."

The visuals from this song, which didn't make Taylor's original 2012 album, are sending Swifties into a tizzy; so much so, it's hard to believe this is really Blake Lively's first time behind the lens as director. This whole video is a mood board.

As the credits roll on the video, Taylor and Blake make sure to give a shout out to everyone who made the video possible, writing in the end titles, "A huge thank you to every single person who worked to make this video what it is. Every member of the crew in pre, post, and physical production. Every actor. Our COVID safety team. The musician, writers, producers and technicians who are behind this song. And to all of our families who supported us as we dream impossible things. We thank you."

On Sunday night, both Taylor and Blake teased their collab with tweets and IG posts to prepare Swifties for YET MORE Taylor content. 

This caused a huge reaction amongst anticipating fans, which naturally drove up viewership on the new video. Fifteen minutes after premiering, it already had over 500,000 views and counting!

Taylor has been incredibly busy these days. On November 12th, she premiered the short film for her 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” starring Stranger Things actor Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien, which she wrote and directed herself. She also found time to promote the new album on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night With Seth Meyers, and Saturday Night Live.


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