Hip Hop Hooray x Rita Wilson? We're here for it, and so is Naughty By Nature

It’s the remix!
April 7, 2020 1:33 p.m. EST
April 9, 2020 8:42 a.m. EST
We love Rita Wilson for so many reasons. One: It’s nice to have at least one famous couple to cite when it comes to talking about the longevity (or lack thereof) of celebrity marriages. Wilson and husband Tom Hanks have been married for over three decades. Two: Hanks and Wilson pulled through a scare with COVID-19 while maintaining level heads and modelling the right way to deal with the illness, even if your symptoms aren’t serious. They quarantined and stayed put in Australia, even though a private jet is a thing celebs like Wilson and Hanks can afford. And now we have a third reason to shower Rita with well-deserved adoration: her new collaboration with ‘90s-era hip hop icons Naughty By Nature.The musically inclined Wilson has a rapper son (now we know where Chet Haze gets his talent from) but it was her recent movie role in Boy Genius that brought her and the song together. Watch her throw down:
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Hip Hop Hooray is like modern day Shakespeare. I originally learned the song for one of the most fun roles I ever played in the film Boy Genius. It took me a month to learn because it’s so complex and nuanced; it was like training for a marathon. The rhythms and tempos are so unique and creative. When I was quarantined and recovering from COVID-19 I wanted to see if I still remembered it, kind of like a brain exercise. To my surprise I did. I thought it would be fun to put it on my Instagram to show people I was doing okay and to make them smile. When @naughtybynature4ever commented about it, I couldn’t believe it. What a joy to be doing this remix with legends of the Hip-Hop world. I’m forever grateful for their generosity of spirit and for being able to raise money together for @musicares COVID-19 Relief Fund. Hit the link in my bio to listen to it and donate on YouTube! Available on all music platforms 4/10

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What’s just as surprising as Wilson’s skillz is the fact that the originators of the song actually saw her cover. “We were totally shocked she could rap the verses so well,” the trio said in a recent statement. Inspired by her flow, Naughty By Nature remixed the original song, adding in Rita’s voice and rejigging the opening lyrics to say “Give it up for Rita Wilson!”
The collaboration isn’t just for fun, either. Rita and her squad are releasing the track to raise money to support the fight against COVID-19. Proceeds will go to assist other musicians who’ve been affected by the pandemic fallout and be distributed by MusiCares’ relief fund. Damn, we miss the ‘90s.[video_embed id='1930881']RELATED: Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson are back in the U.S.[/video_embed]

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